Three Benefits Of Using An Air Compressor

8 Mar 2022, 1:11 PM

Three benefits of using an
air compressor

Air compressors are integral to many industriesí central operations, from rotary air compressor use in the automotive repair industry to piston air compressor use in the processing and transportation of natural gas. Though their prevalence proves the overwhelming net positive generated by their implementation, let's take a look at the benefits of air compressors in more detail.


Air compressors, so long as the owner maintains them well, can last for a very long time, to the point where we're talking decades in terms of their longevity ( Regardless of the exact mechanism powering the air compressor, most have lessened friction between components due to lubrication in oiled air compressors. There are also self-lubricated, oil-less compressors that cut back even more on maintenance concerns ( These measures reduce friction and subsequent wear and tear. Hence, as long as you fix any leaks and donít expose them to so much humidity that they rust, your air compressor will serve you for a long while.


Air compressors and related tools are considered more versatile due to their energy source being air, rather than electricity, allowing them to be used in a wider range of contexts. This is especially valuable for operations in conditions that might be hazardous to use electrical appliances in, such as locations with combustive materials or excessive moisture.

By design, air compressors also donít require large internal motors, allowing for the tool design to be lighter, more ergonomic and thus more user-friendly. In terms of mechanical and energy efficiency, air compressor tools have higher torque ratings and RPMs, resulting in faster work. Meanwhile, most of the air compressorís lost energy is heat radiation, a minor issue that can be rectified through the use of a heat recovery system (


Drawing from the previous two points, air compressors are very economical in the long run, due to their diverse applicability and long life. Overall operational costs are also reduced as less electricity is used to power the air compressor and attached machinery, cutting back on electricity-related expenses.

In conclusion, air compressors bear an impressively large number of benefits and represent a viable and oftentimes better alternative to electrical tools. View our range of air compressors here (

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