The New PRO series piston compressors from NUAIR

14 Jun 2022, 6:35 PM

The New PRO series piston compressors from NUAIR

  • The New PRO series piston compressors from NUAIR
  • Lubricated design for longer life and lower noise.
  • Advanced cooling system which concentrates cooling air flow to the compressor head.
  • Automatic stop start control.
  • 50 Litre air receiver providing plenty of storage.
  • Control panel with quick release outlet, two gauges and pressure regulator.
  • High quality electric motor 1.5kW (2Hp) 230v/1/50z.
  • 255L/min maximum pressure 10 Bar (145 psi).
  • 2 Year Warranty On Pump, T&C Apply

Unique Heritage

FNA group is the undisputed world leader in the production of piston type air compressors. The B2800 and B3800 compressors, have for over twenty years been the worlds most popular belt driven air compressor. Reliability, user friendly design, high performance and guaranteed service and spares back up are the reasons why millions of customers have returned again and again to depend on the durable, convenient and affordable compressors from this range.

A Real Landmark in Reducing Noise Levels in the Environment

The New PRO series from NUAIR represent a significant advancement in addressing the long standing issue of noise when using piston type air compressors. Greater than 60 % noise reduction- the newly developed compressor head design is responsible for a quite remarkable reduction in noise levels. A reduction of between 7 dB(A )and 15 dB(A) has been achieved. The Nuair PRO range spans over twenty different variants including models with 110v, 230 v 1 phase and 400 V three phase electric motors in addition to Honda engine powered units.

The Economical Choice

The PRO series B2800/B3800 represents the best value in the market. The combination of design, quality, reliability, performance and service back-up make this range the very best value air compressor that you can own. Lower ownership costs- The PRO series B2800/B3800 is a thoughtfully designed and simple to own air compressors with basic controls and low maintenance. This means cost of ownership is kept low. When you do need service, the handy maintenance kits have been designed for maximum convenience. As a world leader in our field, we guarantee the availability of spare parts in the long term thus protecting your investment and the environment.

Our Unrivalled History

We have been producing air compressors for over sixty years and we are the world’s largest manufacture of air compressors. Uniquely our business is focused on the production of air compressors and associated equipment only which provides us a unique understanding of our customers and their needs. Our business is focused on producing air compressors and only air compressors! This provides us a unique understanding of our customers and the most modern applications, our knowledge and experience is unrivalled in this sector. The reason for this is simple. We understand our customers because we listen to them!

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