The 15 BAR Plus Range

19 Feb 2024, 2:06 PM

The 15 BAR - PLUS Range

FINI Screw Compressors,
Your High-Pressure Solution

The PLUS Range is engineered with precision to deliver consistent and high-quality compressed air at a pressure of up to 15 bar, making it ideal for demanding industrial processes. Equipped with advanced technology and robust construction, these compressors ensure maximum uptime and productivity even in the most challenging operating environments.

Energy efficiency: Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, these compressors are designed to optimize energy consumption, resulting in significant cost savings for users.
Durability and reliability: Built with quality materials and precision engineering, The PLUS Range ensures long-term reliability and minimal maintenance requirements, reducing downtime and operational disruptions.
User-friendly design: The PLUS Range is designed for ease of operation and maintenance, with intuitive controls and accessible components for seamless usability.

Typical Applications:

  • ✅ Metal pressings and manufacturing
  • ✅ Lazer and plasma cutting of steel and alloys
  • ✅ Tyre industry
  • ✅ Testing, research and laboratories
  • ✅ Nitrogen generation

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