Higher Temperature Air Dryers

Higher DewPoint Dryers
Higher DewPoint Dryers

Thr RD compact range of dryers have been designed in order to provide an extra convenient installation and can be floor or wall mounted. The positioning of the inlet and outlet to the front of the unit and the simple controls and display make this unit ideal for smaller applications where space or access is limited.

Refrigerated Air Dryers for High Temperatures
Refrigerated Air Dryers for High Temperatures

The RD HT series of dryers is specifically designed for an efficient treatment of the compressed air at high inlet temperatures. They can withstand temperatures up to 90°C, making them ideal for use in tropical zones for and for piston compressors.

This range, the only one of its kind on the market, has a built-in high efficiency pre-cooler, that ensures a reduction of the input temperature.
The excellent performance and compactness of the machine reduce the pressure drop and allows quick and easy installation.

SCODEPRODUCTBarc.f.mOutlet G (")HpKgkWL/minm3/h  
F-8193736RD HT 45141591" 1/41.12610.844500270 MORE
F-8193727RD HT 32141131" 1/40.84490.633200192 MORE
F-8193726RD HT 2514881"0.47450.362500150 MORE
F-8193725RD HT 1816641/2"0.46370.341800108 MORE
F-8193724RD HT 1216421/2"0.4340.23120072 MORE
F-8193723RD HT 8 16281/2"0.3330.2180048 MORE
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