The Quiet Range - Silenced Air Compressors
An Extensive range of compressors from 40 dB(A),Super silent models, to the more powerfull 65 dB(A) piston and screw compressors in cabinet, oil-free dental and medical models models from 50 dB(A) , low vibration also suitable for CAD-CAM and 3D Printers.
Oil-Less Direct Drive DIY models - Silenced

This range of models are ideal compressors for applications requiring a QUIET, compact and lightweight compressor for general use, that the OL244 range is powerful enough for most smaller air tools and spray guns as well as tyre inflating etc.
NUAIR - Lubricated Belt Driven Cabinet Silenced Compressors
The new range of Nuair Low Noise compressors has been designed to offer lower high technical features to meet the specific needs of professional customers. This series is a compact version of the world's most successful reciprocating air compressor, with easy access for maintenance that can be installed easily in any suitable location. - Only 65 dB(A)
FINI - Lubricated Belt Driven Cabinet Silenced Compressors
FINI Pulsar - is a range of silenced models from 2.2 kW to 7.5 KW featuring lubricated and oil less models operating at pressure between 8 bar and 10 bar. The range includes floor mounted portable and stationary models and every model offers significantly lower noise levels when compared to standard reciprocating compressors. The Pulsar compressor has been designed with deidicated cooling system for cooler operation and improved reliability. The low noise levels of the Pulsar means that they can be located directly in the work place providing more comfort in the work place and reduced installation. - From 64 dB(A)
Sil-Dry Oil Free Silenced Compressors For Labs
Sil- Dry OF/OFT series is a new range of silent oil-free dental compressors developed by Fini with the aim to complete the well known Dr Sonic and Med Series. These dental compressors are particularly suitable for small dentist's surgeries and small dental laboratories. The main characteristics being extremely quiet operation (55-57 dB(A), compact convenient design, low maintenance and reliable operation. Available with or without adsorption dryer. Range 0.55kW to 1.5 kW, 60 L/min – 170 L/min, air receivers at 24 and 50 Litres.
Medicair Dental Oil Less Silenced Compressors
Designed specifically for the supplying the highest quality of oil-free compressed air necessary for the use of all equipment in the dental surgery and orthodontic laboratories and all other applications where high quality, clean compressed air is critical. These compressors are designed and manufactured with specific regard to the health of the patient and to safeguard the highest hygiene and air quality standards. The Medicair program is available in two different configurations, both manufactured with the same high-quality oil-free pumps and components: Med Series standard configuration and Dr Sonic- Silenced configuration 55 -57 dB(A). Both series are available with adsorption dryer. Range 0.55 kW to 4.4 kW, 55 L/min to 470 L/min.
Clinic-Air Oil-Free Cabinet Silenced Compressors for Dental and Lab Applications
The unrivalled and comprehensive range of FPS oil free compressors are extremely robust, efficient and are designed for demanding applications. Our featured range is available in both silenced and standard configuration, with or without membrane dryers. The silenced version, housed in a modern acoustic cabinet, can achieve noise levels as low as 54 dB(A).
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