The Quiet Range - Low Noise Air Compressors

The Quiet Range - Low Noise Air Compressors

An Extensive range of compressors from 40 dB(A),Super silent models, to the more powerfull 65 dB(A) piston and screw compressors in cabinet, oil-free dental and medical models models from 50 dB(A) , low vibration also suitable for CAD-CAM and 3D Printers.

Low Noise Compressors - DIY & Home

An extensive range of low noise Direct Drive Oil less Compressors, which are ideal for DIY, Home, Garage, and Garden, develop and enjoy your hobbies without upsetting your neighbours, typical noise levels in the region of 65 dB(A).

Low Noise Compressors - Professional

The new Low Noise B2800 TECH PRO Range are particularly portable and easy to use compressors with attractive control panel and convenient controls. The TECH series provides unique portability and ease of use suitable for use with a vast array of air tools and accessories, the 2.2kW motor exploits maximum performance from a single phase (230v) power source.

Low Noise Compressors - Workshop

The TANDEM models in the Blue Star range allow increased air supply from a single phase. (three phase version also available) power supply. with proven and reliable belt driven compressor pumps powered by high quality electric motors. Each model is complete with automatic controls for ease of use and economical operation. Single phase models come complete with special controller allowing staggered start and selectable lead machine control.

Power System Fini Nuair

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