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Electric Motor
Electric Motor
SCODEPRODUCTModelkWHpVoltFrame SizeShaftCapacitor  
S-84405CAMotor 2Hp M80 230v/50Hz - Single PhaseSB28/501.52230M8019Twin MORE
S-84506CAMotor 3Hp M90L 230v/50Hz - Single Phase Twin CapacitorSB28C & SB38C2.23230M90L24Twin MORE
S-84505C0Motor 3Hp VEF90 240v/50Hz - Single Phase (Single Capacitor)SB28C & SB38C2.23230M90L24Single MORE
S-845S0CAMotor 3Hp 400v/50Hz -Three Phase SB38C2.23400M90L24None MORE
S-847S010Motor 5.5Hp 400v/50Hz - Three Phase SB5/2005.54230/400--- MORE
S-848S000Motor 7.5Hp 400v/50Hz - Three Phase SB7/2705.57.5400M11228None MORE
S-849T000Motor 10Hp 400v/50Hz - Three PhaseSB10/2707.510400M13228None MORE
Motor Pulley
Motor Pulley
SCODEPRODUCTPulley Size (mm)  
S-9076010Motor Pulley 90 x 1A x Bore 1990 x 1A x Bore 19 MORE
S-9076020Motor Pulley 110 x 1A x Bore 19110 x 1A x Bore 19 MORE
S-9076021Motor Pulley 110 x 1A x Bore 24110 x 1A x Bore 24 MORE
S-9076043Motor Pulley 120 x 1A x Bore 24120 x 1A x Bore 24 MORE
S-9076056Motor Pulley 120 x 1A x Bore 28120 x 1A x Bore 28 MORE
S-9076030Motor Pulley 130 x 1A x Bore 19130 x 1A x Bore 19 MORE
S-9076003Motor Pulley 130 x 1A x Bore 24130 x 1A x Bore 24 MORE
S-9076059Motor Pulley 140 x 2A x Bore 28140 x 2A x Bore 28 MORE
S-9076060Motor Pulley 140 x 2A x Bore 38140 x 2A x Bore 38 MORE
S-9076050Motor Pulley 160 x 1A x Bore 28160 x 1A x Bore 28 MORE
S-9076866Motor Pulley 160 x SPZ x Bore 24160 x SPZ x Bore 24 MORE
S-9076895Motor Pulley 170 x 1B x Bore 28170 x 1B x Bore 28 MORE
S-9076031Motor Pulley 180 x 2A x Bore 28 130 x 1A Bore x 24 MORE
S-9076618Motor Pulley 180 x 1B x Bore 38180 x 1B F38 (SB10) MORE
S-9076898Motor Pulley 190 x 1B x Bore 28190 x 1B x Bore 28 MORE
S-9076853Motor Pulley B59- MORE
S-9429170Belt (OL195) PJ307 MORE
S-9075047Belt TB2 - 310 (Vento OL195) MORE
S-9075016Belt A50 (1270)270LT MORE
S-9075010Belt A51 (1295) MORE
S-9075011Belt A52 (1321) MORE
S-9075013Belt A54 (1372) MORE
S-9075021Belt A56 (1422) MORE
S-9075017Belt A57 (1448) MORE
S-9075015Belt A59 (1499) MORE
S-9075037Discontinued - Belt A69 (1753) MORE
S-9075008Belt A72 (1829) MORE
S-4101330Belt PB1950 MORE
Belt Guard
Belt Guard
S-8223070Complete Belt Guard for B28B28 - B38 MORE
S-8223071Complete Belt Guard for B38B38 MORE
S-833260ERear Belt Guard NB5/NB7/ND10NB5 - NB7 - NB10 MORE
S-833250DFront Belt Guard NB5/NB7/NB10NB5 - NB7 - NB10 MORE
S-833250D-COMPLComplete Belt Guard NB5/NB7/NB10NB5 - NB7 - NB10 MORE
Overload Switches
Overload Switches
S-$12100070Motor Overload Switch 12A - 230V MORE
F-008423000Motor Overload Switch 15 amp - 230v MORE
F-008030000Motor Overload Switch 20A - 230V MORE
Anti Vibration Mounting
Anti Vibration Mounting
S-9420592Anti Vibration Mount (Set of 4) 5.5-7.5 Pistons MORE
F-41K0174Anti Vibration Mounts For Micro Not For Pistons (Set 4) MORE
S-4100138Single Anti Vibration Mount 50Lt MORE
S-4100128Single Vibration Dampener 20x25 M6x1 MORE
S-4100124Single Vibration Dampener D25x15 M6x15 MORE
Wheel Kits
Wheel Kits
S-9420071Wheel Kit 24Lt MORE
S-9421143Wheel/Feet Mounting Kit MORE
S-9420222Wheel/Feet Mounting Kit D124 MORE
S-9420236Wheel Mounting Kit Tech D175 24/50Lt MORE
S-9420245Wheel Kit 100Lt - 270Lt Tech Series270LT MORE
S-9420789Wheel/Castor Kit Pulsar D199 MORE
S-9420650Wheel Mounting Kit D200 MORE
S-9420340Wheel Kit For Honda Petrol (Twin Tank) MORE
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