Edison 5150 10 DV

Code: PS-V60MQ97PWS280
Model: Edison 5150 10 DV
Weight: 3350 kg
  • Variable speed energy saving function - The combination of direct drive and inverter based variable speed control offers exceptional energy saving performance. By avoiding waste full off load operation and over pressure generation and by generating just the amount of compressed air that is demanded by the system, a significant reduction in energy consumption is achieved.
  • Compact and attractive cabinet design - Suitable for direct installation in the working environment with the minimum space requirement, for maximum convenience and reduced installation costs.
  • Electronic controller DNAir Maxi - Monitors all aspects of the compressors operation and provides logical read out of all operating parameters ensuring safe, economical operation. The controller provides a very clear display, full daily/weekly programming, remote control facility and serial interphase for maximum connectivity to peripheral controls and up to 4 other compressors in the same network.
  • Quiet operation - The PS 5000 DV series benefits from very quiet operation thanks to the low speed direct drive compressor. This is further enhanced by the fitting of extensive sound insulation allowing installation directly in the work place providing a more comfortable working environment.
  • Advanced cooling system - The deployment of the thermostatically controlled cooling fan with the large surface area heat exchanger for the air and oil cooling ensures lower operating temperature and lower air outlet temperatures. The automatic operation saves energy by operating the fan only when required.
  • Robust and reliable - The PS 5000 DV series is a heavy duty compressor and is designed for continuous use in the toughest conditions ensuring reliability and a very long life.
  • Simple maintenance - All service items are located in one position with easy access reducing costs and down time. The compressor is supplied with long life semi- synthetic coolant with longer intervals before changing and reduced friction and wear to components.
  • Cabinet prefiltration - Keeps internal components clean for improved reliability, improved cooling and reduced maintenance
  • Direct drive system - Providing high efficiency with low maintenance requirement, all of the energy from the motor is transferred to the compressor for higher efficiency and lower power consumption.
  • High quality air - The PS 5000 DV is available with fully integrated refrigerated dryer (ES models) ensuring dry compressed air benefits your system.
  • Long life and reliability - The PS 5100 DV Series benefits from state of the art manufacturing and a particular attention to detail in the manufacture and testing of all products, ensuring a particularly robust well constructed and reliable machine.
  • Flexible Operation 110 kW and 150 kW with variable speed regulation and in free-standing cabinet. Operating pressures at 7.5, 10 and 13 bar.
Price £101,035.00 inc. VAT


The advanced controllers fitted to the EDISON DV and NEWTON Series have been specifically developed to guarantee optimum monitoring and regulation of the compressors operation, allowing flexibility and full programming of the complete compressed air station for maximum efficiency and safety.

DNAir Maxi (from 90 up to 315 kW)

The intelligent controller with clear alphanumeric LCD display features full menu in12 languages and convenient RS 232 and RS 485 interfacing. The controller also allows remote control, auto-restart, daily and weekly start up programming and convenient CAN-BUS interface. The System allows energy consumption monitoring and automatic reduction of operating pressure according to varying demands through the working profile. The controller includes a ‘Fault Log’ and routine maintenance information. The extremely user-friendly serial interfacing allows maximum connectivity to peripheral controls and to up to 4 other compressors in the same network.

180.8- 808.7
Product L x W x H (mm)
2900 x 1550 x 2155
Outlet G (")
Receiver Size
Floor Mounted

Edison 5150 10 DV

Edison 5150 10 DV
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