Product Overview - Scroll Technology

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Product Overview - Scroll Technology

The highest manufacturing standards are applied to guarantee the maximum performance and reliability. A proven technology developed to compress air in absolute absence of oil, two spirals turning without any metal-to-metal contact in between intake air through a suction chamber, compresses it in 3 successive phases and deliver it at 8 or 10 bar or pressure. The simple process allows a smooth contact-free operation of the scrolls and thus provides a very long service life to all the components and therefore the complete unit. The FLEMING range is extremely quiet and can be installed in virtually any environment ensuring the comfort and safety of all operators with minimum impact to the surroundings.

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FLEMING _ SCROLL - Oil Free Compressors

All of our oil free scroll compressors (plus adsorption dryer Adsorption Dryers and bacteriological filter) conform to The Health Technical Memorandum 2022 (HTM 2022) Supplement 1. This memorandum addresses the specific requirements of systems for use in dental surgeries, clinics and hospitals.

Overview of Range

  • Class 0 compressed air
  • IE2 high efficiency motors
  • Single and multi-scroll configurations
  • 2.2 to 22 kW range
  • Portable, floor and receiver mounted
  • Fixed and variable speed drive
  • Low noise level from 64 dB(A)
  • Integrated refrigerant dryer option

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