Direct Drive Lubricated Petrol Compressors
Direct Drive Lubricated Petrol Compressors
FINI Direct Drive Lubricated With Special Trolley Frame And Petrol Engine
F-FMPP6P1FNM388Pioneer 236-4S HONDA 3423514.18.31014582 MORE
F-FMAA6P1FNN427Shuttle MK236 Honda Petrol, Special Frame3.7523514.18.3710182 MORE
Petrol Compressors - Belt Driven Models
Petrol Compressors - Belt Driven Models
The FINI engine driven compressors have been designed to offer portable compressed air using petrol HONDA engine. Where the need for total mobility is essential these robust, heavy-duty construction, low power consumption air compressor are ideal. Offering additional features it ensures that the compressed air needs of mobile, commercial, automotive & agricultural operators are adequately and reliably catered for.

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F-BNFC7P1FNM834MK103 - 100 - 5.5 S HONDA45.536521.912.91014582 MORE
F-BPFC7P1FNM907MK113 - 100 - 9S HONDA6.5955633.419.71014582 MORE
F-BRFC9P1FNN029BK119 - 100 - 9S HONDA6.6964238.522.71014583 MORE
Petrol Compressors - 14 Bar - High pressure models
Petrol Compressors - 14 Bar - High pressure models
SCODEPRODUCTHpL/minm3/hc.f.mBarPsidB(A)Product L x W x H (mm)  
F-BRFC7P1FNM767BK119-100-9S HONDA A.P.964238.522.714203831050 x 500 x 1060 MORE
Belt-Driven Twin Air Receiver, Petrol Compressors
Belt-Driven Twin Air Receiver, Petrol Compressors
FINI Belt-Driven With Twin Air Receiver, 'Site Frame' And Petrol Engine
F-BNBW7P1FNM392Warrior 103 - 5.5S HONDA45.536521.912.91014582 MORE
F-BPBW7P1FNN129Warrior 113 - 5.5S HONDA45.538022.813.41014582 MORE

We supply a selection of high-quality and competitively priced petrol air compressors, and whatever your needs, we can help you find the right equipment.

Petrol air compressors are powered by petrol engines and designed for off-site use. Because they are powered by petrol, they can be deployed without any need for an electrical supply. They are also compact, portable and very easy to move from location to location, making them flexible to use in a variety of settings.

With a range of capacities, mobile or stationary, we have a model that can handle professional and commercial workloads.

Our petrol air compressors feature heavy-duty construction, operate using low power consumption, are belt-driven to ensure quiet operation, and can be used with an array of tools. Available in different sizes, from large through to lighter, more compact models.

Why Choose a Petrol Air Compressor?

Petrol compressors offer several advantages over other types of air compressor available on the market. They require less power on start-up compared to those powered by generators, have a high air output, are more portable, and are ideal for mounting inside trucks or vans.

With many years of experience in the trade, we use our expertise and knowledge to help our customers find an air compressor that perfectly matches the demands of their business. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and our team is always happy to help with any queries or questions you may have.

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