Air Quality: An overview of Oil Free Technologies


Do I need Oil-Less or Oil-Free compressed air?

The decision to purchase an Oil-Less compressor or an Oil-Free compressor is based on several factors whether this is a personal preference to maintain the efficiency and life of the compressed air network system, air tools, pneumatic equipment and processing equipment or to comply with industry standards, directives or guidelines.

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Oil Free Compressor Range
An unrivalled and comprehensive range of oil free and oil less compressors which are extremely robust, efficient and are designed for demanding applications. All of our oil free piston compressors (plus dryer and bacteriological filter) conform to The Health Technical Memorandum 2022 (HTM 2022) Supplement 1. This memorandum addresses the specific requirements of systems for use in dental surgeries, clinics and hospitals. Our industrial range provide Class 1 and Class 0 compressed air in accordance to EN ISO 8573-1

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Dental/Medical Air
The need for a high class of air is paramount for both applications and they are only set apart with regards to their dew point value. Piston, scroll and rotary screw compressors are all utilised in this applications where CLASS 0 is the requirement option.

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Food Grade Air (General)
A number of important changes to compressed air standards within food applications have been made recently, the following summary highlights any areas which could impact on to existing or new equipment. Whilst these changes are at present recommendations only they are to be read in conjunction with the mandatory HACCP Food Grade Compressed Air which is a UK law from January 2006 for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Click here to find out more
HACCP - Food Grade Compressed Air
European food hygiene laws are introduced into UK law and are the key drivers to compliance by food business operators. Compliance with the law began on: England - 1 January 2006 Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland 11 January 2006 Click here to find out more
Product Overview - Scroll Technology
The highest manufacturing standards are applied to guarantee the maximum performance and reliability. A proven technology developed to compress air in absolute absence of oil, two spirals turning without any metal-to-metal contact in between intake air through a suction chamber, compresses it in 3 successive phases and deliver it at 8 or 10 bar or pressure.

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Product Overview - Rotary Screw Technology
POWER SYSTEM Series NOBEL OIL FREE air cooled two stage packaged compressed air system, providing oil free compressed air. Range; 75 kW to 200 kW with working pressures at 7 bar, 8.5 bar and 10 bar and capacity from 10 m3/min to 35.3 m3/min

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Product Overview - Catalytic Converter Technology
POWER SYSTEM Series LEONARDO oil free packaged compressed air system with integrated catalytic converter. The LEONARDO series incorporates our advanced lubricated rotary screw compressor which when compared to oil FREE screw compressors, offer greater efficiency and much lower maintenance. The addition of the catalytic converter guarantees class 1 compressed air (ISO 8573-1) for all applications where oil free compressed air is essential.

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