Oil Free Compressor Range

Oil Free Compressor Range

Do I need Oil-Free compressed air?

The decision to purchase an Oil-Less or Oil-Free compressor is based on several factors on whether you need to maintain the efficiency and life of equipment been used to comply with industry standards, directives or guidelines.

There are several technologies available to provide the specific quality of air required however, there is some confusion to the class of air required and how the air quality is defined. Essentially Oil-Free air is generated without any lubricant (oil) coming into contact with the compressed air, whereas Oil-Less air is generated by conventional methods (where oil and compressed air is in direct contact) and then oil removal systems are applied to reduce the oil residue within the final product.

There are many industries and application where the use of an Oil-free compressor is required: eg. Dental, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Laboratories, 3d-Printers, etc.

The Oil free range can be water and particle free by making use of dryer & filters. These compressors can be used as part of a system requiring HTM 2022 compliance or to provide Class 1 and Class 0 compressed air in accordance to EN ISO 8573-1.

FINI-Medicair Dental and Oil Free Compressors

Designed specifically for the supplying the highest quality of oil-free compressed air necessary for the use of all equipment in the dental surgery and orthodontic laboratories and all other applications where high quality, clean compressed air is critical. These compressors are designed and manufactured with specific regard to the health of the patient and to safeguard the highest hygiene and air quality standards. The Medicair program is available in two different configurations, both manufactured with the same high-quality oil-free pumps and components: Med Series standard configuration and Dr Sonic- Silenced configuration 55 -57 dB(A). Both series are available with adsorption dryer. Range 0.55 kW to 4.4 kW, 55 L/min to 470 L/min.

Oil-Free Dental, Lab Range

The unrivalled and comprehensive range of FPS oil free compressors are extremely robust, efficient and are designed for demanding applications. Our featured range is available in both silenced and standard configuration, with or without membrane dryers. The silenced version, housed in a modern acoustic cabinet, can achieve noise levels as low as 54 dB(A).

FLEMING _ SCROLL - Oil Free Compressors

Advanced rotary scroll compressor for continuous performance
Totally oil less sytem for guaranted oil free compressed air
Standard version on receiver or silenced floor mounted cabinet version
Operating pressure at 8 or 10 bar
Automatic controls
Range 2.2 kW to 5.5 kW capacity from 200 L/min to 630 L/min

FINI - Oil Free Compressors

These FINI Oil-Less silent models are ideal compressors for applications requiring a QUIET, compact and lightweight compressor for general home use, that is powerful enough for blowing and tyre inflating, etc.


NUAIR - Oil Free Compressors

These models are ideal compressors for applications requiring a QUIET, compact and lightweight compressor for general use, that is powerful enough for most smaller air tools and spray guns as well as tyre inflating etc.

Power System Fini Nuair

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