Oil Water & Cyclonic Separators

Oil Water & Cyclonic Separators
The EcoWater water/oil separators are capable of removing mineral and synthetic oil resulting from the use of any compressors from the condensate discharged by compressed air systems giving a residual oil content well below current law limits. Separator inlet accommodates any type of condensate drain (float, timer-operated, capacitance drains, etc.) and outlet water can be piped directly into the drainage system.

The EcoWater separators, with two-towers multi-stage configuration, is constituted by a polypropylene fiver element and an active carbon element, specially selected and treated to maximise the adsorption properties, allowing the maximum filtration efficiency.
The compact design and light weight of the elements, facilitate the inspection and routine maintenance.

SCODEPRODUCTL/minm3/hc.f.mBarPsiOutlet G (")KgProduct L x W x H (mm)  
F-8193404EW18180010864162321/2"6270 x 270 x 600 MORE
F-8193408EW20200012070162321/2"5250 x 250 x 230 MORE
F-8193409EW303000180105162321/2"7.5460 x 230 x 390 MORE
F-8193410EW707000420245162321/2"11.5580 x 300 x 430 MORE
F-8193411EW15015000900526162321/2"21730 x 370 x 470 MORE
Oil-Water Separators Refills
Oil-Water Separators Refills
F-8193440Refill Kit EWC30 MORE
F-8193441Refill Kit EWC70 MORE
F-8193442Refill Kit EWC150 MORE

Cyclonic condensate separators, complete with automatic float condensate drain.

Uses a mechanical process to remove up to 60% of water suspended in air, significantly reducing the amount of condensate that flows into tank and dryer. The separators have to be installed before tank or dryer. These separators have been designed for the removal of bulk liquid water and particulate from compressed air and gases. Unique centrifugal action removes contaminants with low-pressure drop for energy savings.

SCODEPRODUCTL/minm3/hc.f.mBarPsiOutlet G (")KgProduct W x H (mm)  
F-8193455WS084172515162321/4"-100 x 260 MORE
F-8193456WS20166710059162321/2"-100 x 260 MORE
F-8193457WS353333200118162323/4"-120 x 260 MORE
F-8193458WS505000300176162321"-120 x 280 MORE
F-8193459WS10010000600353162321 1/2"-120 x 300 MORE
F-8193460WS210200001200706162322"-160 x 480 MORE
F-8193461WS4303666722001305162323"-200 x 550 MORE
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