Oil Free & SCROLL Air Compressors

Oil Free & SCROLL Air Compressors

An unrivalled and comprehensive range of oil free and oil less compressors which are extremely robust, efficient and are designed for demanding applications. All of our oil free piston compressors (plus dryer and bacteriological filter) conform to The Health Technical Memorandum 2022 (HTM 2022) Supplement 1. This memorandum addresses the specific requirements of systems for use in dental surgeries, clinics and hospitals. Our industrial range provide Class 1 and Class 0 compressed air in accordance to EN ISO 8573-1

Overview of Range:

  • Oil free and oil less variantsPiston, scroll and screw technologies
  • Up to 3 years warranty
  • Open frame and silenced models
  • 0.55kW to 250kW range
  • 2 Cfm to 1510 Cfm
  • Integrated adsorption & membrane dryer options
  • Air and water cooled options
  • Fixed and Variable speed Drive options
  • HTM 2022 compliant
  • Supporting standards and guidelines including HACCP and BCAS Code of Practice
  • Comprehensive range of 132 models
  • Power range from 0.55kW to 6.6kW
  • Up to 10 dental chairs (based on 50 L/min at 5 Bar per chair)
Power System Fini Nuair

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