AIR SIL EVO - Low noise Compressors 1.5 - 2.2kW
AIR SIL EVO - Low noise Compressors 1.5 - 2.2kW

Made to solve the problem of noise in the work place, these compressors stand out in the market for having the lowest noise level in the category. This noise reduction was achieved by using the new PRO, low noise B3800B high efficiency pump,enclosing the machine in a sound proof cabinet with special sound absorbing panels, taking care of ventilation and, on some models, using special intake silencers. The combination of high quality material and maximum care in assembly of the machine ensure higher and excellent performance and long life.

SCODEPRODUCTkWHpBarPsiL/minc.f.mReceiver SizeVolt  
S-36FR404FPS300New AIRSIL EVO B3800B-PRO/100 CM21.521014528310100Lt230 MORE
S-36FR441FPS301New AIRSIL EVO B3800B-PRO/100 CT21.521014528310100Lt400 MORE
S-36FR504FPS302New AIRSIL EVO B3800B-PRO/100 CM32.231014539013.8100Lt230 MORE
S-36FR541FPS303New AIRSIL EVO B3800B-PRO/100 CT32.231014539013.8100Lt400 MORE
AIR SIL Belt Driven Lubricated - Low Noise Air Compressors Series 1.5kW - 7.5kW
AIR SIL Belt Driven Lubricated - Low Noise Air Compressors Series 1.5kW - 7.5kW

The new range of Nuair Low Noise compressors has been designed to offer lower high technical features to meet the specific needs of professional customers. This series is a compact version of the world's most successful reciprocating air compressor, with easy access for maintenance that can be installed easily in any suitable location.

Low Noise literature: here

SCODEPRODUCTkWHpBarPsiL/minc.f.mReceiver SizeVolt  
S-28DT441NUALow Noise B2800B/2FT-501.5210145255950Lt400 MORE
S-28FR504FPS079New AIRSIL1 B2800B/3CM-1002.231014533011.6100Lt230 MORE
S-36FR504FPS076 New AIRSIL1 B3800B/3CM-100 2.231014533011.60100Lt230 MORE
S-36FR541FPS077New AIRSIL1 B3800B/3CT-1002.231014533011.60100Lt400 MORE
S-N5AT701FPS081New AIRSIL2 NB5/5.5 FT45.51116064022.6Floor Mounted400 MORE
S-N5NT701FPS083New AIRSIL2 NB5/5.5FT-270Lt45.51116064022.6270LT400 MORE
S-N7AT801FPS082New AIRSIL2 NB7/7.5 FT 5.57.51116084029.7Floor Mounted400 MORE
S-N7NT801FPS084New AIRSIL2 NB7/7.5FT-270Lt5.57.51116084029.7270LT400 MORE
S-N1AT905FPS085New AIRSIL3 NB10/10FT SD7.51011160123043.4Floor Mounted400 MORE
S-N1TT905FPS086New AIRSIL3 NB10/10FT-500 SD 7.51011160123043.4500LT400 MORE
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