NOBEL 1110-500

Code: PS-V83CE92PWSA80
Model: NOBEL 1110-500
Weight: 390 kg
  • 1:1 Direct drive System Means no  drive belts to service, improved reliability, zero energy losses (V belts may lose between 4% and 11% of the energy transferred from motor to compressor) and very low rotational speed for a longer service life..
  • Low noise levels. The Nobel operates more quietly than competitive compressors. Thanks to the direct drive system, low rotational speed of the compressor, temperature controlled cooling and sophisticated cabinet design the Nobel range offer noise levels as low as 62 dB(A)
  • Highest performance. Thanks to the direct drive system, lower rotational speed, lower temperature and optimised air end design, Nobel provides higher output with lower power consumption when compared to other compressors.
  • DNAIR 2 Controller. The Nobel is fitted with the advanced controls. The simple clear back lit display is menu driven and allows full programming features as well as advanced safety features. The controller provides a control capability for up to 4 compressors and is fully programmable. The DNAIR2 is fitted with sophisticated diagnostics and prepared ready to accept our remote service and monitoring tool (SMS).
  • Advanced cooling system. The deployment of the thermostatically controlled centrifugal cooling fan with the large surface area heat exchanger for the air and oil cooling ensures, lower operating temperature and lower air outlet temperatures. The automatic operation saves energy by operating the fan only when required.
  • Robust and reliable - The NOBEL is designed for continuous use in tough conditions ensuring reliability and a very long life.
  • Simple maintenance - All service items are located in one position with easy access reducing costs and down time.
  • Cabinet pre-filtration - ensures that internal components are protected for improved reliability, improved cooling and reduced maintenance.
  • IE3 High efficiency Motors - Allowing reduced energy consumption.
  • High quality air - The NOBEL is available with fully integrated refrigerated dryer (ES models) and dual oil removing filtration on models up to and including 55kW. Specifically designed to provide dry and clean compressed air to your system for improved reliability of downstream equipment,  improved final product quality, higher efficiency and a safer environment.
  • Long life and reliability - The NOBEL benefits from state of the art manufacturing and over 50 years- experience in the production of air compressors. Most components within the Nobel range are manufactured in-house. Produced by FNA group the worlds largest manufacturer of air compressors.
  • TRUST 5 Year Warranty- All Nobel models are available with our comprehensive long term warranty which is subject to T&C’s

TRUST, Extended 5 Years Warranty, Power System

Price 8,634.00 inc. VAT

Optimal control and adjustment

Innovative DNAir2 controller

The innovative DNAir2 controller is utilised on all NOBEL models. Specially designed for simple and flexible programming, it adjusts and controls the operation of the compressor, guaranteeing its efficiency and safety.

The main screen display indicates:

  • Operating pressures;
  • Oil temperature;
  • Compressor status (stand-by, offload, load);
  • Fan status (off/on);
  • Date and time;
  • remaining hours for maintenance; flow rate supplied percentage(for machines with inverter);
  • Inverter use percentage.

Compressor rotation management

With the fixed speed variants of NOBEL, it is possible for up to 4 compressors to be connected simultaneously. The controller software provides the ability to balance each machine’s operating hours and at the same time the pre-set pressure values are rotated along with the machine sequence.

Network Connectivity

SMS Device (Service Management System)

SMS is an innovative new device that allows operators and service centres the possibility to remotely control and perform preventive maintenance checks on screw compressors equipped with a DNAir2 controller. These facilities are provided when the device is configured for local internet network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity. The SMS system allows for e-mails to be sent automatically in the case of a fault or other anomalies and/or for automatic regular e-mails (hourly, daily or weekly) to be sent to monitor the proper operation of the compressor and to define the remaining hours for service. Other Information and settings can be accessed remotely aimed at safeguarding the reliability of the system.

Remote control of the compressor:

  • access to the various menu levels (user, service);
  • compressor online status check;
  • on/off control;
Product L x W x H (mm)
2000 x 750 x 1670

NOBEL 1110-500

NOBEL 1110-500
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