NOBEL 2S. The Compressor That Pays For Itself... And Can Save You Up To *100,000

16 Jun 2022, 6:39 AM

The Compressor That Pays For Itself... And Can Save You Up To *100,000

In Europe, compressed air production accounts for approximately 14% of total energy consumption in the industrial sector.

In order to achieve a sustainable future and to be more competitive in the market, there is a major challenge to face: increasing the efficiency of compressed air systems used in industry!

The graph indicates the breakdown of the total costs

during the life cycle of a Single-stage

compressor appropriate to five years

of use, considering 6000 working

hours per year

The histogram shows the estimated

annual energy savings of our

two-stage compressor compared

to a Single-stage compressor with

the same power.

The two-stage NOBEL 2S range,

with its new and exclusive

two-stage air-end, meets

this challenge.

Return on Investment

Comparing a Single-stage compressor with our two-stage compressor, with the same volume flow, considering 6,000 working hours per year and with a 70% duty cycle, it is possible to estimate that the acquisition investment in our two-stage compressor can be recouped in less than 24 months from installation

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