NEW PLUS 18.5kW - 22kW
Long life energy saving POLY V drive system
Compact modern design
Advanced ET4 electronic controller with programmer, diagnostics and GSM remote monitoring (option)
IE3 electric motor allowing reduced energy consumption
Simple and convenient service access
Floor mounted and integral dryer versions.

Star delta starting
Quiet operation
Higher output from less energy
8, 10 and 13 Bar versions
Fitted with long life energy saving synthetic lubricant
Variable speed version (22kW)

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Floor Mounted
Floor Mounted
F-V60QA92FNM760PLUS 18.508 18.525280016899811666 MORE
F-V60QB92FNM760PLUS 18.510 18.5252500150881014566 MORE
F-V60QC92FNM760PLUS 18.513 18.5252150129761318866 MORE
F-V60QD92FNM760PLUS 2208 22303350201118811668 MORE
F-V60QE92FNM760PLUS 2210 223030001801061014568 MORE
F-V60QF92FNM760PLUS 2213 22302400144851318868 MORE
Floor Mounted & Dryer
Floor Mounted & Dryer
F-V60QA92FNM860PLUS 18.508 ES 18.525280016899811666 MORE
F-V60QB92FNM860PLUS 18.510 ES 18.5252500150881014566 MORE
F-V60QC92FNM860PLUS 18.513 ES 18.5252150129761318866 MORE
F-V60QD92FNM860PLUS 2208 ES 22303350201118811668 MORE
F-V60QE92FNM860PLUS 2210 ES 223030001801061014568 MORE
F-V60QF92FNM860PLUS 2213 ES 22302400144851318868 MORE

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