NEW K-MAX Range 45kW - 90kW Fixed Speed Floor Mounted

NEW K-MAX Range 45kW - 90kW Fixed Speed Floor Mounted
NEW K-MAX Range 45kW - 90kW Fixed Speed Floor Mounted

The K-MAX direct drive screw compressor features a unique 1: 1 drive arrangement that reduces energy by at least 4% and at the same time offers very low speed operation to the compressor resulting in an extended service life, very low noise levels and complete reliability. The range includes models from 45kW To 90kW, with working pressure at 8 Bar, 10 Bar and 13 Bar. The range includes models that are Floor Mounted.

F-V60FU92FNM060New K-MAX 4508 Floor Mounted456082002908109721251 MORE
F-V60FV92FNM060New K-MAX 4510 Floor Mounted 4560670023710145721251 MORE
F-V60FW92FNM060New K-MAX 5508 Floor Mounted 5575101003578109721251 MORE
F-V60FX92FNM060New K-MAX 5510 Floor Mounted5575830029310145721251 MORE
F-V60FY92FNM060New K-MAX 5513 Floor Mounted 5575650023013189721251 MORE
F-V60FA92FNM160New K-MAX 7508 Floor Mounted 75100126004458109692760 MORE
F-V60FB92FNM160New K-MAX 7510 Floor Mounted751001050037110145692760 MORE
F-V60FC92FNM160New K-MAX 7513 Floor Mounted75100870030713189692760 MORE
F-V60FA92FNM060New K-MAX 7608 Floor Mounted75100135004778109672795 MORE
F-V60FB92FNM060New K-MAX 7610 Floor Mounted751001170041310145672795 MORE
F-V60FC92FNM060New K-MAX 7613 Floor Mounted75100970034313189672795 MORE
F-V60FH92FNM060New K-MAX 9008 Floor Mounted90125159005628109672860 MORE
F-V60FJ92FNM060New K-MAX 9010 Floor Mounted901251340047310145672860 MORE
F-V60FK92FNM060New K-MAX 9013 Floor Mounted901251040036713189672860 MORE
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