NOBEL 2S. The Compressor That Pays For Itself... And Can Save You Up To *100,000

9 Aug 2022, 8:50 AM


The Compressor That Pays For Itself... And Can Save You Up To *£100,000

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With the introduction of the 2S models in the NOBEL series, Power System is once more redefining the standard in terms of efficiency, reliability, ease of maintenance and available energy savings.

The NOBEL range now includes the new 2S series: air-cooled, two-stage rotary screw compressors with power ratings from 75 kW to 315 kW, with variable speed and flow rate, supplied ready for use and complete with all the components required for safe and reliable operation, driven by a premium high-efficiency electric motor. The two-stage range represents the ultimate advancement in oil-injected screw compressor technology today, ensuring a very high level of reliability and unrivalled performance in a fully integrated and technically advanced solution.

In Europe, compressed air production accounts for approximately 14% of total energy consumption in the industrial sector. In order to achieve a sustainable future and to be more competitive in the market, there is a major challenge to face: increasing the efficiency of compressed air systems used in industry!

The graph indicates the breakdown of the total costs during the life cycle of a Single-stage compressor appropriate to five years of use, considering 6000 working hours per year.

Energy consumption
Energy saving

The histogram shows the estimated annual energy savings of our two-stage compressor compared to a Single-stage compressor with the same power

Return on Investment

Comparing a Single-stage compressor with our two-stage compressor, with the same volume flow, considering 6,000 working hours per year and with a 70% duty cycle, it is possible to estimate that the acquisition investment in our two-stage compressor can be recouped in less than 24 months from installation.


Advanced LOGIN Controller with built in multi compressor control

The new 'Login' controller introduces new software capabilities to strengthen diagnostic functions, thereby guaranteeing excellent performance in all conditions. Login provides additional facilities including remote control and multi-compressor management.

Newly designed silencing chamber (-3 dB(A)

New air filter design allows cleaning and replacement without entering the compressor

Durable and proven two stage compressor element

Unique drive coupling design with simple maintenance.

Premium Efficiency electric motor IE4


There are many suitable power-saving solutions for air compressors out there. The innovative Nobel Range products redefining reliability, energy efficiency, ease of maintenance, and lowering energy and power costs of compressed air.

Nobel Range


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