MICRO 2.2kW - 4kW - 5.5kW Screw Air Compressors

The new belt-driven oil injected MICRO and rotary screw air compressors have been designed to minimise energy costs, without sacrificing performance. The modularity and flexibility of these products provide multiple solutions suitable for different user's requirements: available with or without air receiver, with or without refrigerated dryer, single phase (2.2 kW) or three phase (up to5.5.5 kW).

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NEW MICRO - 2.2kW - 4kW - 5.5kW Screw Air Compressors, Floor Mounted
NEW MICRO - 2.2kW - 4kW - 5.5kW Screw Air Compressors, Floor Mounted
F-V51JU60FNM560MICRO SE 2.208M 230V2.2332519.5411.5811658 MORE
F-V51JT60FNM560MICRO SE 2.210M 230V2.2324014.48.51014558 MORE
F-V51JU72FNM760MICRO SE 2.208 400V2.2332519.511.5811658 MORE
F-V51JT72FNM760MICRO SE 2.210 400V2.2329017.410.21014558 MORE
F-V51JS72FNM760MICRO SE 308 3443025.815.2811659 MORE
F-V51JQ72FNM760MICRO SE 310 3438523.113.61014559 MORE
F-V51JR72FNM760MICRO SE 40845.558034.820.5811660 MORE
F-V51JP72FNM760MICRO SE 41045.548529.117.11014560 MORE
F-V51JR92FNM760MICRO 40845.558034.820.5811660 MORE
F-V51JP92FNM760MICRO 410 45.548529.117.11014560 MORE
F-V51JV92FNM760MICRO 413 45.533019.811.71318960 MORE
F-V51JW92FNM760MICRO 5.508 5.57.572043.225.4811664 MORE
F-V51JO92FNM760MICRO 5.510 5.57.56503922.91014564 MORE
F-V51JM92FNM760MICRO 5.5135.57.548529.117.11318864 MORE
NEW MICRO - 2.2kW - 4kW - 5.5kW Screw Air Compressors, Receiver Mounted
NEW MICRO - 2.2kW - 4kW - 5.5kW Screw Air Compressors, Receiver Mounted
F-V77JU60FNM701MICRO SE 2.208M-200 230V2.2332519.5411.5811658 MORE
F-V77JT60FNM501MICRO SE 2.210M-200 230V2.2324014.48.51014558 MORE
F-V77JU72FNM701MICRO SE 2.208-200 400V2.2332519.511.5811658 MORE
F-V77JT72FNM701MICRO SE 2.210-200 400V2.2329017.410.21014558 MORE
F-V77JS72FNM701MICRO SE 308-2003443025.815.2811659 MORE
F-V77JQ72FNM701MICRO SE 310-2003438523.113.61014559 MORE
F-V77JR72FNM701MICRO SE 408-20045.558034.820.5811660 MORE
F-V77JP72FNM701MICRO SE 410-20045.548529.117.11014560 MORE
F-V77JR92FNM701MICRO 408-20045.558034.820.5811660 MORE
F-V77JP92FNM701MICRO 410-20045.548529.117.11014560 MORE
F-V91JW92FNM701MICRO 5.508-2705.57.572043.225.4811664 MORE
F-V91JO92FNM701MICRO 5.510-2705.57.56503922.91014564 MORE
F-V83JW92FNM701MICRO 5.508-500 5.57.572043.225.4811664 MORE
F-V83JO92FNM701MICRO 5.510-500 5.57.56503922.91014564 MORE
NEW MICRO - 2.2kW - 4kW - 5.5kW Screw Air Compressor, Receiver Mounted with Dryer
NEW MICRO - 2.2kW - 4kW - 5.5kW Screw Air Compressor, Receiver Mounted with Dryer
F-V77JU60FNM801MICRO SE 2.208M-200 ES 230V2.2332519.511.5811658 MORE
F-V77JT60FNM601MICRO SE 2.210M-200 ES 230V2.2324019.58.51014558 MORE
F-V77JU72FNM801MICRO SE 2.208-200 ES 400V2.2332519.511.5811658 MORE
F-V77JT72FNM801MICRO SE 2.210-200 ES 400V2.2329017.410.21014558 MORE
F-V77JS72FNM801MICRO SE 308-200 ES 3443025.815.2811659 MORE
F-V77JQ72FNM801MICRO SE 310-200 ES 3438523.113.61014559 MORE
F-V77JR72FNM801MICRO SE 408-200 ES (No Controller)45.558034.820.5811660 MORE
F-V77JP72FNM801MICRO SE 410-200 ES (No Controller)45.548529.117.11014560 MORE
F-V77JR92FNM801MICRO 408-200 ES (With Controller)45.558034.820.5811660 MORE
F-V77JP92FNM801MICRO 410-200 ES (With Controller)45.548529.117.11014560 MORE
F-V91JW92FNM801MICRO 5.508-270 ES 5.57.572048.225.4811664 MORE
F-V91JO92FNM801MICRO 5.510-270 ES 5.57.56503922.91014564 MORE
F-V83JW92FNM801MICRO 5.508-500 ES 5.57.572043.225.4811664 MORE
F-V83JO92FNM801MICRO 5.510-500 ES 5.57.565039231014564 MORE
MICRO - Special Applications
MICRO - Special Applications

The single phase MICRO screw air compressors is suitable for workshops and small factories where three phase is not available and the demand for compressed air is continuous. The three phase models are popularly used where a steady and continuous requirement of air is needed, available with a refigeration dryer, can optionally be supplied with a dessicant dryer (-40 dewpoint) and additional filtration Some of the of the special applications are listed below:

MICRO with Food Grade LubricantMICRO with Food Grade Lubricant - 2.2kW - 4kW - 5.5kW Screw Air Compressor MORE
MICRO for CNC Machine centresMICRO for CNC Milling Machine centres and Lathes - 2.2kW - 4kW - 5.5kW Screw Air Compressor MORE
MICRO for 3D Printing Industry ApplicationsMICRO for 3D Printing Industry Applications MORE
MICRO for Nitrogen GeneratorsMICRO for Nitrogen Generators MORE
MICRO for Shot Blasting ApplicationsMICRO for Shot Blasting Applications MORE
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