Low Noise Compressors - Workshop

Quiet - Workshop PRO Compressors
Quiet - Workshop PRO Compressors


The new Blue Star WORKSHOP range features proven and reliable single and two stage compressor pumps belt driven by a high quality electric motor. Each model is complete with automatic controls for ease of use and economical operation. Maintenance is made simple by the availability of convenient service kits. Blue Star models are supplied with a two year warranty on the pump and provide a reliable and robust solution for workshop and light industrial applications.

Range 2.2kW to 3.0kW, 355L/min to 495 l/min. Maximum pressure 10 Bar (145 psi)

SCODEPRODUCTkWHpL/minc.f.mBarPsidB(A)Receiver Size  
S-28FN504FPS140B2800B-PRO/100 FM3 UK - Stationary (13A)2.2335512.51014569100Lt MORE
S-28FN541FPS137B2800C-PRO/100 FT3 - Stationary2.2335512.51014569100Lt MORE
S-36HN504FPS142B3800B-PRO/150 FM3 UK - Stationary (16A)2.2335513.9510145150Lt230 MORE
S-36LN504FPS141B3800B-PRO/200 FM3 UK - Stationary (16A)2.2339513.91014572200LT MORE
S-36FN541FPS145B3800B-PRO/100 FT3 UK - Stationary2.2339513.951014572100Lt MORE
S-36HN541FPS150B3800B-PRO/150 FT3 UK - Stationary2.2339513.951014572150Lt MORE
S-36LN541FPS143B3800B-PRO/200 FT3 UK - Stationary2.2339513.951014572200LT MORE
S-36LN684FPS144B3800B-PRO/200 FM4 UK - Stationary (20A)34495181014572200LT MORE
Quiet - Workshop Tandem PRO Compressors
Quiet - Workshop Tandem PRO Compressors


The TANDEM models in the Blue Star range allow increased air supply from a single phase. (three phase version also available) power supply. with proven and reliable belt driven compressor pumps powered by high quality electric motors. Each model is complete with automatic controls for ease of use and economical operation. Single phase models come complete with special controller allowing staggered start and selectable lead machine control.

SCODEPRODUCTkWHpL/minc.f.mBarPsidB(A)Receiver Size  
S-36NW505FPS147NB38/270 TD 3M+3M PRO - Stationary (32A)4.43+371027.91014569270LT MORE
S-36NW541FPS146NB38/270 TD 3T+3T PRO - Stationary4.43+371027.91014569270LT MORE
Quiet - Cabinet, Silenced Compressors
Quiet - Cabinet, Silenced Compressors
SCODEPRODUCTkWHpBarPsiL/minc.f.mReceiver SizeVolt  
S-28DT441NUALow Noise B2800B/2FT-501.5210145255950Lt400 MORE
S-28FR504FPS079New AIRSIL1 B2800B/3CM-1002.231014533011.6100Lt230 MORE
S-36FR504FPS076 New AIRSIL1 B3800B/3CM-100 2.231014533011.60100Lt230 MORE
S-36FR541FPS077New AIRSIL1 B3800B/3CT-1002.231014533011.60100Lt400 MORE
S-N5AT701FPS081New AIRSIL2 NB5/5.5 FT45.51116064022.6Floor Mounted400 MORE
S-N7AT801FPS082New AIRSIL2 NB7/7.5 FT 5.57.51116084029.7Floor Mounted400 MORE
S-N5NT701FPS083New AIRSIL2 NB5/5.5FT-270Lt45.51116064022.6270LT400 MORE
S-N7NT801FPS084New AIRSIL2 NB7/7.5FT-270Lt5.57.51116084029.7270LT400 MORE
S-N1AT905FPS085New AIRSIL3 NB10/10FT SD7.51011160123043.4Floor Mounted400 MORE
S-N1TT905FPS086New AIRSIL3 NB10/10FT-500 SD 7.51011160123043.4500LT400 MORE
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