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13 Jul 2022, 1:27 PM

The New PRO LOGIN Controller by FNA

Efficiency that is always under control

The new 'Login' controller introduces new software capabilities to strengthen diagnostic functions, thereby guaranteeing excellent performance in all conditions. Login provides additional facilities including remote control and multi-compressor management.

Exclusive design

Italian design, functionality, simple use and latest generation technology come together in the innovative Login controller. The touch-screen display and the icon style menu make it extremely intuitive and easy to use.


Memory card slot

Login features a memory card slot which can be used to store compressor data and configurations to transfer them to a spare control unit.


Multilanguage management

It is possible to select the local language or any one of 20 pre-installed languages.


Remote monitoring/control

This is used to monitor the activity of the connected network, including remotely.


Multicolor display

All of the operational parameters are displayed on the large 4.3” color screen which also displays graphs in real time (pressure, power, energy/time).

Login Video

Intelligent Control:

All of NOBEL's functions are entirely managed by the centralised Login electronic controller, which constantly monitors the compressors operation ensuring efficient and reliable operation of the machine in all conditions with customised functions to suit any application.

Always Connected:

During an irregular event within the machine, Login reports the presence of such and incident by creating an alert for the user, allowing for prompt operator intervention.
The integrated connectivity with remote monitoring (optional), makes it possible to obtain complete information on the compressor status remotely.

Compressor Rotation Management:

Thanks to the 'ISC' system it is possible to simultaneously connect up to 8 different compressors (at fixed and/or variable speed), with 'master-slave' logic. The system can also be used with other compressors not equipped with Login by using the optional modules suitable for specific compressors.


Nobel Fixed Speed Nobel Variable Speed

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