HOOKAH - Low Pressure Breathing Air Compressors

HOOKAH- Low Pressure Breathing Air Compressors
HOOKAH- Low Pressure Breathing Air Compressors

Oil free breathing air compressors equipped with membrane and AC filtration specially designed for the surface provision of breathing air for diving/ submersible applications less than 15m depth. Versions are available 230/110 Volt single phase and with petrol engine. All units are self- contained and highly portable whilst having low maintenance characteristics and simple safe controls

SCODEPRODUCTkWHpc.f.mL/minPsiBardB(A)Receiver Size  
N-NARG3T-12Hookah - 0.8kW, 10 Bar 7Lt Receiver 12V Oil Free MORE
N-NARG3T-24Hookah - 0.8kW, 10 Bar 7Lt Receiver 12/24V Oil Free MORE
N-NARG3T-5-STA Hookah Extreme 3T/5 STA-2Hp 5Lt 230V1.5212.335014510725Lt MORE
N-NARG5G-60BASE - Breathing Air Surface Equipment 5G 602.239.126014510827Lt MORE
N-NARG5G-70Hookah - 2.2kW 10 Bar 7Lt Receiver Petrol Oil Free2.2312.335014510827Lt MORE
NuAir PETROL, Hookah
NuAir PETROL, Hookah
SCODEPRODUCTHprpmL/minc.f.mBarPsiReceiver SizeKg  
S-36BW7P1NUAB3800/5.5S/10+10 HONDA - Petrol, Hookah5.5110039013.81014510+10Lt80 MORE
COLTRI - EOLO  Third Lung
COLTRI - EOLO Third Lung

The EOLO 330 series consists of compressors for Coltri breathable air at low pressure for professional use with a three-cylinder pumping unit for excellent performance. Equipped with filter with interchangeable cartridge, it is ideal for underwater work or with ventilated helmets. The available drives are electric, single-phase or three-phase and Honda petrol. They are extremely easy to handle thanks to the built-in tank and the presence of wheels

SCODEPRODUCTkWHpc.f.mL/minPsiBardB(A)Receiver Size  
C-HC015130EOLO 330/EM - 2.2kW 330L/min 11.6cfm 8 Bar2.2311.6330116881.74.5Lt MORE
C-HC015150EOLO 330/ET - 2.2kW 330L/min 11.6cfm 8 Bar 3ph2.2411.63301168834.5Lt MORE
BASE - Breathing Air Surface Equipment - Accessories
BASE - Breathing Air Surface Equipment - Accessories
N-AC036-101BASE - Filter Cartridge MORE
N-AC036-113BASE - Double Fitting For Second Outlet MORE
N-AC036-111Hose Connections With Regulator - 17m Long MORE
N-AC036-11217m Extension Hose Without Regulator MORE
Power System Fini Nuair

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