Heat recovery systems

Heat Recovery Graph

Air compressors are clearly designed to generate an important energy source for industry, but they also generate a lot of heat during operation. This heat is present in the coolant of the compressor and in the air that is used to cool this coolant and indeed the compressed air. The electric motor that operates the compressor also generates heat. Typically all of this energy is wasted however using our heat recovery systems it is very easy to recoup this wasted energy for use in space heating and indeed the heating of water for washrooms or indeed any where hot or heated water is useful up to 70°C.

Space heating
Space heating is a relatively simple way to divert the heated air that is generated by the cooling system and the electric motor. The heated air can be directed or ducted to an area where the heat is use full it is also normal to have provision to divert the heated air during summer time for instance. Dependent of the distance to the point of use it may be necessary to employ insulation to the ducting or an additional fan to maintain the correct flow.

Water heating.
Using an additional coolant to water heat exchanger connected to the compressors cooling circuit, it is possible to recover significant amounts of energy for the generation of heated water up to 70°C. These heat exchangers can be fitted to most of our rotary screw compressors when supplied and in this case the installation is very convenient. We are also able to fit heat exchangers to existing compressors, subject to operating conditions and installation.

The availability of this essentially free energy source is driving much more awareness of this very attractive energy saving solution.

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