Heat Recovery System
Heat Recovery System
How great the recovery actually is, depends on the size of the compressors and the type of replaced energy (electricity, gas, heating oil), but the investment interest becomes sensitive from compressors of 11 kW installed power.
Given the current energy costs, the depreciation period of heat recovery systems fluctuates between 6 months and 2 years (with reference to a plate heat exchanger for heating systems.

Heat recovery is a real opportunity to increase the effectiveness of a compressed air system, the impact on energy costs allows for three times the amount of savings to that of a variable speed compressor, and twenty times to that of an IE3 or a permanent magnet motor.

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Heat Recovery System for Screw Compressors without Thermostatic Valve
Heat Recovery System for Screw Compressors without Thermostatic Valve
SCODEPRODUCTOutlet G (")KgkWProduct L x W x H (mm)m3/hVolt  
F-548740000HRS1003/4"35.375666 x 236 x 4307.8230 MORE
F-548730000HRS753/4"29.345-55666 x 236 x 4306230 MORE
F-548720000HRS503/4"27.530-37666 x 236 x 4304.2230 MORE
F-548700000HRS303/4"24.418.5-22666 x 236 x 4301.92230 MORE
F-548710000HRS203/4"24.211-15666 x 236 x 4301.86230 MORE

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