Heat Recovery System

Heat Recovery System

Most of the energy used to produce compressed air is actually converted into heat: up to 90% of this energy is reusable! About 75% of the energy used is found in the lubrication and cooling circuit and can be used as a heat source, the remaining 15% is contained in the compressed air which enters the network. It is therefore quite simple to recover the thermal energy (for alternative use) in the compression process... valuable energy that is normally wasted!

How great the recovery of energy actually is, depends of course on the size of the compressors and the type of replaced energy (electricity, gas, heating oil), but the investment becomes very important for the compressors starting from 11 kW installed power. Given the current energy costs, the return on investment of a typical heat recovery system can be as short as 6 months with less than 2 years being the standard (with reference to a plate heat exchanger for heating systems). Heat recovery is a real opportunity to increase the effectiveness of a compressed air system, the impact on energy costs allows greater savings, up to 3 times compared to even the most efficient compressor.

Heat Recovery System for Screw Compressors without Thermostatic Valve
Heat Recovery System for Screw Compressors without Thermostatic Valve
SCODEPRODUCTOutlet G (")KgkWProduct L x W x H (mm)m3/hVolt  
F-548740000HRS1003/4"35.375666 x 236 x 4307.8230 MORE
F-548730000HRS753/4"29.345-55666 x 236 x 4306230 MORE
F-548720000HRS503/4"27.530-37666 x 236 x 4304.2230 MORE
F-548700000HRS303/4"24.418.5-22666 x 236 x 4301.92230 MORE
F-548710000HRS203/4"24.211-15666 x 236 x 4301.86230 MORE
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