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NEMA Pressure Switch
NEMA Pressure Switch
SCODEPRODUCTPhaseWayInlet Size3 x Auxilary SizeSwitch TypeBar MaxOverload ProtectionPoles  
S-4100688NEMA Pressure SwitchSingle41/4"1/4"Pull12None2 MORE
S-4100691NEMA Pressure SwitchSingle41/4"1/4"Pull12None2 MORE
S-9063084NEMA Pressure Switch Single43/8"1/4"Pull12None2 MORE
S-9063002NEMA Pressure SwitchSingle11/4"NonePull12None2 MORE
S-9063007NEMA Pressure Switch Three11/4"NonePull12None3 MORE
S-4100694NEMA Pressure Switch Three41/4"1/4"Pull12None3 MORE
S-9063147NEMA Pressure Switch Expotherm 2 (2.2kW)Three43/8"1/4"Push Button124 To 6.33 MORE
S-9063148NEMA Pressure Switch Expotherm 2 (4kW)Three43/8"1/4"Push Button126.3 To 103 MORE
S-9063228NEMA Pressure Switch Expotherm 2 (5.5kW)Three43/8"1/4"Push Button1210 To 163 MORE
CONDOR Pressure Switch
CONDOR Pressure Switch
SCODEPRODUCTPhaseWayInlet Size3 x Auxilary SizeSwitch TypeBar MaxOverload ProtectionPoles  
S-9063048Condor MDR1Single43/8"1/4"Rotary6 To 8None2 MORE
S-9063018Condor MDR2 Single43/8"1/4"Rotary6 To 8None2 MORE
S-9063271Condor MDR3 Three43/8"1/4"Rotary6 To 82.5 To 43 MORE
S-9063058Condor MDR3Three13/8"NoneRotary8 To 104 To 6.33 MORE
S-9063069Condor MDR3 Three11/4"NoneRotary8 To 1010 To 163 MORE
S-9063070Condor MDR3 Three13/8"NoneRotary8 To 1010 To 163 MORE
S-9063268Condor MDR3Three43/8"1/4"Rotary8 To 106.3 To 103 MORE
S-9063269Condor MDR3 Three43/8"1/4"Rotary114 To 6.33 MORE
S-9063239Condor MDR3Three41/2"1/4"Rotary1116 To 203 MORE
S-9063258Condor MDR3Three41/2"1/4"Rotary1616 To 203 MORE
Pressure Switch Drain Valve
S-9412071Pressure Switch With Drain Valve4       MORE
Star Delta Starter
Star Delta Starter
S-9062070Star-Delta Starter With CablesThree5.5400 / 700      MORE
S-9062019Star-Delta Starter With CablesThree7.5400 / 700      MORE
S-9062058Star-Delta Starter With Cables Three10400 / 700      MORE
S-9062061Star-Delta Starter With Cables Three15400 / 700      MORE
S-9062703Star-Delta Starter With CablesThree20400 / 700      MORE
Non Return Valves (NRV)
Non Return Valves (NRV)
  • Pastels + Spring for NRV maintenance specified by clicking on the product
    S-9048003NRV Complete 3/4"M x 1/2"M x 1/8"       MORE
    S-9048007NRV Complete 1/2"M x 1/2"M x 1/8"       MORE
    S-9048073NRV Complete 1/2"M x 3/8"M x 1/8"       MORE
    S-9048009NRV Complete 3/4"M x 3/8"M x 10mm       MORE
    S-8222507NRV Complete 1"M x 3/4"M x 1/8"       MORE
    S-9048020NRV Complete 1"F x 1"M x 1/4"       MORE
    S-9048052NRV Complete 1/2"M x 1/2"M x 1/8"       MORE
    S-9048075NRV Complete 1/2"M x 3/8"M x 1/8"       MORE
    PS-451024NRV Complete 3/4"F x 3/4"M x 1/8"       MORE
    S-4101054NRV Complete 3/8"M x 3/8"M x 1/8" 16 Bar       MORE
    S-9412842NRV Complete 3/8"M x 3/8"M x 1/8" B10 16 Bar        MORE
    S-4101335NRV Complete 3/4" x 3/4" (NB10/AB100)       MORE
    S-9050372NRV Elbow 1/8"M       MORE
    S-9048116NRV Complete 1/2"M x 1/2"F x 1/4"        MORE
    Pastels and Springs
    Pastels and Springs
    S-9602024NRV Pastel 16.9 x 10 (mm)       MORE
    S-9602015NRV Pastel 15.5 x 10 (mm)       MORE
    S-9602013NRV Pastel 23 x 12.5 (mm)       MORE
    S-9602007NRV Pastel 29 x 15.5 (mm)       MORE
    S-9602008NRV Spring for S-9602007 Pastel       MORE
    S-9602019NRV Spring for S-9602013 Pastel       MORE
    S-9602018NRV Spring for S-9602015 & S-9602024 Pastel       MORE
    S-9602014NRV Spring for S-9602014 Pastel       MORE
    S-9602018NRV Spring for S-9602024 Pastel       MORE
    Safety Valves
    Safety Valves
    S-9049020Safety Valve - 1/4" 4.5 Bar        MORE
    F-047086000Safety Valve - 1/4" 6 Bar       MORE
    S-9049172Safety Valve - 1/4" 8 Bar With Certificate       MORE
    S-9412843Safety Valve - 1/4" 10 Bar       MORE
    S-9049171Safety Valve - 1/4" 10 Bar With Certificate       MORE
    S-9049165Safety Valve - 1/4" 11 Bar With Certificate       MORE
    S-9049173Safety Valve - 1/4" 14 Bar With Certificate       MORE
    S-4101070Safety Valve - 1/4" 16.5 Bar        MORE
    S-9049179Safety Valve - 1/4" 30 Bar With Certificate       MORE
    F-047216000Safety Valve - 3/4" 11 Bar With Certificate        MORE
    F-047227000Safety Valve - 3/4" 12 Bar        MORE
    S-9049067Safety Valve - 3/4" 15 Bar        MORE
    S-9049164Safety Valve - 3/8" 11 Bar With Certificate        MORE
    F-047211000Safety Valve - 3/8" 14 Bar With Certificate       MORE
    S-9049104Safety Valve - 3/8" 15 Bar        MORE
    Pressure Gauges
    Pressure Gauges
    F-330054000Pressure Gauge 3300/2 - 1/8" 0-12 Bar Back Connection Dia 50       MORE
    S-9052092Pressure Gauge - 1/8" 0-20 Bar Back Connection Dia 42       MORE
    F-H03217000Pressure Gauge 3300/3 - 1/4" 0-12 Bar Back Connection Dia 50        MORE
    S-9052801Pressure Gauge - 1/4" 0-16 Bar Back Connection Dia 50 (Tech)       MORE
    S-9052070Pressure Gauge - 1/4" 0-16 Bar Back Connection Dia 63 Left (Tech)        MORE
    S-9052014Pressure Gauge - 1/4" 0-16 Bar Back Connection Dia 53       MORE
    S-9052013Pressure Gauge - 1/4" 0-20 Bar Back Connection Dia 50       MORE
    S-4100613Pressure Gauge 3305/3 - 1/4" 0-12 Bar Bottom Connection Dia 63        MORE
    F-330015000Pressure Gauge - 1/4" 0-20 Bar Back Connection Dia 50       MORE
    Pressure Regulators
    Pressure Regulators
    S-9051501Regulator 3/8" Bottom Entry - 2 x 1/4" Outlet       MORE
    S-9051080Regulator 1/4"       MORE
    S-9051114Regulator Twin 1/4" Side Entry       MORE
    S-9051087Regulator Twin 3/8" - Bottom Entry       MORE
    F-9051116Pressure Regulator 2 x 1/4" Gauge Port 1/8"       MORE
    Inline Filters/Regulators/Lubricators
    Inline Filters/Regulators/Lubricators
    S-152168XCMRFilter 1/4 F 10 m       MORE
    S-152165XCMRLubricator 1/4 F - 1/4 F       MORE
    S-152164XCMRFilter Regulator With Gauge 1/4 F 10 m       MORE
    F-3170610003152/3 - Filter 1/2"       MORE
    F-3192120003153/3 - Lubricator 1/2"        MORE
    F-F022905003150/3 - Regulator 1/2"        MORE
    F-F063002003161/3 - Filter/Regulator/Lubricator 1/2"       MORE
    F-90531181055/6 - Reducing Bush 1/2" to 3/8"       MORE
    F-0113680001055/4 - Reducing Bush 1/2" to 1/4"       MORE
    S-9051154Regulator        MORE
    Air Filter
    Air Filter
    S-7181100220 Air Filter Element (Foam)       MORE
    S-7981000D4 Air Filter - 3/8"       MORE
    S-9415719F1/241 - Air Filter 1/2" (Metal)       MORE
    S-9432114F1/260 - Air Filter Kit With Dip Stick       MORE
    S-9428110B28.B38 Complete Air Filter       MORE
    S-4981000B39/B40/B49 Complete Air Filter       MORE
    S-5281000-B50B50 Air Filter Complete       MORE
    S-5081000B59 Air Filter Complete (New)       MORE
    AB8973015500B60/B70 Air Filter Cartridge - (NEW)       MORE
    S-5281000B60 Air Filter Complete       MORE
    S-7081106B70 Air Filter       MORE
    AB9056157B70 Air Filter       MORE
    AB8973035132B70 Air Filter       MORE
    S-7081007B70 Complete Air Filter Assembly        MORE
    S-$35602380NB5/NB7/NB10 Air Filter Element       MORE
    S-4105244MK102 Air Filter        MORE
    S-4105290MK103, MK113 Complete Air Filter        MORE
    F-113163028BK113 Air Filter        MORE
    F-0170960005.5-15 Formula/Genesis Air Filter        MORE
    S-$35602940K30 Air Filter Element        MORE
    S-SP81000NB5, NB10, K50, K100 Complete Air Filter        MORE
    F-317071000BK119 Complete Air Filter Assembly       MORE
    F-113178013BK119 Air Filter        MORE
    F-317011000BK119 & BK120 Complete Air Filter (Round)       MORE
    F-017002000 BK119 KSC10/ D.100 Air Filter Cartridge       MORE
    S-9411129Air Filter (ND2)90m 16x1.5       MORE
    S-9421148Complete Air Filter Hexagon       MORE
    S-4105165MK265-MK285 Complete Air Filter        MORE
    F-017002000KSE 2 Air Filter Cartridge       MORE
    S-4105681SKB20/SKB26 Complete Air Filter        MORE
    S-4105531SKB20/SKB26 Air Filter Element       MORE
    Oil Filler Plug and Elbows
    Oil Filler Plug and Elbows
    S-9024029B28.B38 - Oil Filler Plug        MORE
    S-9428100B28.B38 - Oil Level Kit        MORE
    S-9024004B70 - Oil Filler Plug        MORE
    S-9024015F-221 - Oil Filler Plug        MORE
    S-9411124Oil Filler Plug       MORE
    S-9024020Oil Filler Plug       MORE
    S-9024022Oil Filler Plug       MORE
    S-9024006B59 - Oil Filler Plug       MORE
    S-9053159Elbow 3/8"M x 10mm OD Tube       MORE
    Condensate Drains
    Condensate Drains
    SCODEPRODUCTOutlet G (")  
    S-9053061Manual Condensate Drain Valve 1/4" GC1/4"       MORE
    S-4100820Manual Condensate Drain Valve 1/4" 1/4"       MORE
    S-9047051Manual Condensate Drain Valve 3/8" 3/8"       MORE
    S-9053063Manual Condensate Drain Valve 3/8" 2001/13/8"       MORE
    F-9058317Automatic Condensate Float Drain - SAC140 - 1/2"1/2"       MORE
    F-9058124Automatic Condensate Drain - T1 - 1/8"1/8"       MORE
    F-9058125Automatic Condensate Drain - T2 - 1/4"1/4"       MORE
    F-9058315Automatic Condensate Drain - Pro-Drain 100 - 1/2"1/2"       MORE
    F-9058127Automatic Condensate Drain - Pro-Drain 950 - 3/8"3/8"       MORE
    F-9058303Automatic Condensate Drain For Filter PM, HM, CM, QM3/8"       MORE
    S-9612600Terminal Cover 2Hp & 3Hp Motor        MORE
    S-9429180Capacitor - 25mf (OL231)        MORE
    S-9067050Capacitor - 30uf       MORE
    S-9067015Capacitor - 32mf       MORE
    S-9411165Capacitor - 35uf       MORE
    S-9067028Capacitor - 40mf        MORE
    S-9612113Capacitor - 50mf Run       MORE
    S-9067038Capacitor - 80mf       MORE
    F-009200105Capacitor - 200mf Start       MORE

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