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Sanitising Compressors & Chemicals

A lightweight oil free air compressor and spray gun, providing an even spray of disinfectant over  all surfaces small or larger.

The system is designed for disinfecting and sanitising of most surfaces including tables, cabinets, handles, switches, desks and chairs for instance. It can be used safely to spray and disinfect areas within your home, offices, work place and also vehicles. It is therefore highly effective and simple to use, the ideal equipment for general sanitising of public and commercial areas along with other retail, care and hospitality environments.

Areas of usage and applications are extensive and may include:

Offices, meeting and reception rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, Hospitals, waiting areas, vehicles, clinics, nursing homes, medical centres, gyms, spas, recreational areas, schools, play areas, salons, shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, and other public places factories, manufacturing areas etc.

PhaZair-230 - 27 cfm SINGLE PHASE VS Screw Compressors

Energy saving variable speed systems that are configurable by the user to adopt any power input from 2.2kW up to 5.5kW, proving air capacities up to 27.5 cfm 780 l/min FAD *40amp Supply

Power System Fini Nuair

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