Belt-Driven, Lubricated, Three-Phase Star-Delta Floor Mounted

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Pulsar EVO AP BK120-10 SD

Pulsar EVO AP BK120-10 SD

Price 5,363.00 inc. VAT

Pulsar EVO BK120-10-SD, 7.5kW, 10 Bar, Floor Mounted, 400V
The FINI Pulsar range of silenced models from 1.5kW to 7.5kW featuring lubricated and oil less models operating at pressure between 8 Bar and 10 Bar. The range includes floor mounted portable and stationary models and every model offers significantly lower noise levels when compared to standard reciprocating compressors. The Pulsar compressor has been designed with dedicated cooling system for cooler operation and improved reliability. The low noise levels of the Pulsar means that they can be located directly in the work place providing more comfort in the work place and reduced installation.

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