FLEMING Multi Scroll Silenced Compressors
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Oil Less Floor Mounted Multi Scroll Silenced Cabinet Compressors
SCODEPRODUCTkWHpL/minc.f.m (Max)c.f.m (Min)BarPsidB(A)  
PS-VW0SF92PWS021Fleming 1108 Floor Mounted2 x 5.52 x 7.51260/63044.5022.50811667 MORE
PS-VWOYA92PWS021Fleming 1110 Floor Mounted2 x 5.52 x 7.51040/52036.7018.501014567 MORE
PS-VW0SC92PWS021Fleming 1508 Floor Mounted3 x 5.53 x 7.51890/63066.7022.50811667 MORE
PS-VW0SO92PWS021Fleming 1510 Floor Mounted3 x 5.53 x 7.51560/52055.1018.501014567 MORE
PS-VW0SI92PWS021Fleming 2208 Floor Mounted4 x 5.54 x 7.52520/63088.9022.50811669 MORE
PS-VW0YC92PWS021Fleming 2210 Floor Mounted4 x 5.54 x 7.5520 - 208073.4018.501014569 MORE
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