Lubricated Direct Drive Compressors

The Fini range of oil lubricated direct drive compressors offer a proven and convenient solution for the craftsman and professional user. The design of the Fini direct drive compressors benefits from over fifty years’ experience in the development and manufacture of the most reliable and advanced air compressors. The Fini machines are quieter than other compressors and the lubricated design provides durability, efficiency and long service life due to the high quality of construction and the use of the highest grade materials and components.

The range consists of models at 1.5kW, 1.8kW and 2.2kW operating at 10 Bar (145 psi) air pressure and are available with 25Lt and 50Lt air receiver.

Fini Piston

With this prestigious Italian manufacturing company’s 60 years of experience, FINI are certainly at the heart of the air compressor manufacturing world. Each of their renowned products is an example of their,passion, skill and tradition along with using cutting edge technology, Fini screw compressors offer the customer an unrivalled efficient and reliable solution.

At FPS Compressors we offer an extensive range of FINI Piston Compressors, including Direct drive, silenced, and belt drive compressors, Petrol based Compressors, High Pressure and Single Plate Mounted Compressors models all offering high quality and reliability in a wide range of industrial uses.

Take a look at our range of FINI products

Power System Fini Nuair

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