FINI Service Kits For Piston Compressor Pumps

The service kits for the pumps include:

  • gasket kit
  • valve plate
  • air filter cartridge

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FINI Direct Drive Service Kits

Piston Compressor Lubricant Click Here
S-PK-MK160Service Kit MK160 MORE
S-PK-VKM210Service Kit VKM210 MORE
S-PK-VKM320Service Kit VKM320 1ph & 3ph - 230 & 400v MORE
S-PK-MK97-15Service Kit MK97-15 MORE
S-PK-MK137Service Kit MK137 MORE
S-PK-SF2300Service Kit SF2300 & SF2500 MORE
S-PK-SF2500Service Kit SF2500 MORE
S-PK-MK265Service Kit MK265 1ph & 3ph MORE
S-PK-MK285Service Kit MK285 Pulsar MORE
S-PK-MK312Service Kit MK312 1ph & 3ph MORE
S-PK-VKM362Service Kit VKM362 1ph & 3ph MORE
S-PK-VKM402Service Kit VKM402 1ph & 3ph MORE
S-PK-VKM592Service Kit VKM592 1ph & 3ph MORE
FINI Belt Drive Service Kits
FINI Belt Drive Service Kits

Piston Compressor Lubricant Click Here
S-PK-MK102-NService Kit MK102-N0.5L MORE
S-PK-MK102Service Kit MK1020.5L MORE
S-PK-MK103Service Kit MK1030.5L MORE
S-PK-MK113Service Kit MK1130.9L MORE
S-PK-BK113Service Kit BK1130.7L MORE
S-PK-BK113-28BService Kit BK113-28B0.7L MORE
S-PK-BK114Service Kit BK1140.9L MORE
S-PK-BK119Service Kit BK1191.34L MORE
S-PK-BK120Service Kit BK1201.51L MORE
S-PK-BKV30Service Kit BKV303.1 MORE
S-PK-BKV50Service Kit BKV506.67L MORE
FINI Gasket Kits
FINI Gasket Kits
S-9434F00Complete Gasket Kit MK102/MK102N MORE
S-9434F01Complete Gasket Kit MK103 MORE
S-9434F02Complete Gasket Kit MK113 MORE
S-9434F04Complete Gasket Kit BK114/ NB5 MORE
S-9434F05Complete Gasket Kit BK119/NB7 MORE
S-9434F06Complete Gasket Kit BK120/NB10 MORE
S-9434F05Complete Gasket Kit BK119/NB7 (Duplicate) MORE
FINI Valve Plates
FINI Valve Plates
S-9434A00Complete Valve Plate MK102 MORE
S-9434A01Complete Valve Plate MK103 MORE
S-9434A02Complete Valve Plate MK113 MORE
S-9434A04 Complete Valve Plate BK114 - BK119 - NB5 - NB7 - NB10 MORE
S-9434A05Complete Valve Plate BK20 - BK120 - NB10 MORE
F-413163003Complete Valve Plate BK113 MORE
Power System Fini Nuair

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