Fini Mini Cube:‍ Silent Rotary Screw Compressor

3 Feb 2022, 12:56 PM



Introducing the smallest silent screw compressor!

All the power of a screw one cubic metre!

Only 65 dB(A)

2.2 kW

8-10 Bar

Continuous Cycle

Reliable, compact and silent, the new FINI mini cubescrew compressor is built for providing compressedair for pneumatic devices including air tools, spraypainting, production machinery, packaging, plasmacutting and much more!

Key Model Specification:

Model: MiniCUBE

Configurations: Floor Mounted, Receiver Mounted

CFM FAD: 9.2 to 10.3

Output: 2.2kW

Voltage: 230/1/50 and 400/3/50

Pressures: 8 to 10 Bar


All models supplied with NEW three-year warranty!

Designed to Work

The Mini Cube, though a smaller air compressor is designed for heavy and continuous work and incorporates many of the features found in FINI’s much larger industrial compressors.

The Mini Cube is designed for continuous use, long service life and with world proven reliability.


The Mini Cube is available in several formats to suit thousands of applications.

With floor mounted, receiver mounted either painted or galvanised and with dryer version you are sure to find the model that suits your application.

Reduced Costs

The Mini Cube is extremely efficient and fitted with a new control system that is designed to avoid wasted energy and to deliver more capacity for less power input.

Efficency & Performance

Thanks to the direct drive arrangement and the performance of FINI’s in- house manufactured and designed compressor elements, the MiniCube offers exceptional energy efficiency with a high air output.

Reliability as Standard

The direct drive facility and advanced cooling allows the MiniCube to operate at much lower temperatures even at maximum use.

This means that the compressor functions with less friction and wear to components for a longer life.

Unrivalled History

FINI have been producing air compressors for over sixty years and are the world’s largest manufacture of air compressors.

Uniquely their business is focused on the production of air compressors and associated equipment only which provides them a unique understanding of customer’s and their needs.

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