FINI-Medicair Dental and Oil Free Compressors

FINI-Medicair Dental and Oil Free Compressors

Designed specifically for the supplying the highest quality of oil-free compressed air necessary for the use of all equipment in the dental surgery and orthodontic laboratories and all other applications where high quality, clean compressed air is critical. These compressors are designed and manufactured with specific regard to the health of the patient and to safeguard the highest hygiene and air quality standards. The Medicair program is available in two different configurations, both manufactured with the same high-quality oil-free pumps and components: Med Series standard configuration and Dr Sonic- Silenced configuration 55 -57 dB(A). Both series are available with adsorption dryer. Range 0.55 kW to 4.4 kW, 55 L/min to 470 L/min.

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Power System Fini Nuair

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