ETL Eligibility

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ETL Eligibility

The current eligibility criteria and claim values can be found for each specific technology area via the dedicated link:

Browse ETL

Step 1 - Where a claim is being sought for an inverter driven compressor, browse the technology such as motors and drives:

Step 2 - Select the sub category such as variable speed drive:

Step 3 – Complete details for the specific manufacture and component product:

Step 4 – Select the actual component from the listing:

Step 5 – Refer to detailed information of ETL number for claim purposes:

Claim Values

Where an allowances is being sought for a component part a claim value table is available which clearly defines the values. This is within the same section of the eligibility criteria:

Browse ETL

Step 1 - Follow steps 1-2 as per the eligibility criteria and when you arrive at the specific page select the claim values tab:

Step 2 – Scroll down the claim value table to the specific kW rating of your compressed air equipment and make a note of the allowance.

Click here to view full table

Additional Information

Further information on the benefits of capital allowances can be found via the linked pdf:

ECA 272 - The Enhanced Capital Allowances scheme

Power System – Energy Efficient Products

Newton: Direct Driven Screw Compressors
Edison: Variable Speed Direct Driven Screw Compressors
Galileo: Permanent Magnet Direct Driven Screw Compressors

Power System Fini Nuair

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