Energy saving controllers

Energy saving controllers

Any compressor system needs to controlled correctly if you want to avoid higher energy costs. This is especially true when the system includes multiple compressors and where if not controlled correctly compressors may be inefficient due to excessive off load running and idling, over pressure generation and too many stop/start incidents amongst others.

Our intelligent multi control system - POWERNET is a load dependent control system that constantly monitors your demands and then looks to optimise the operation of the compressors to maximise efficiency. This may involve the shutting down and starting of the compressors in various combinations or sequences in order to avoid costly off load running and idling ( Compressors can consume 30% to 60% of the total on load power consumption, even though they may be off load and producing nothing!). The pressure band optimisation ensures that over pressure generation is avoided and again this saving can be significant (a further 6-8%)

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New Login Compressor Controller

The new ‘Login’ controller introduces new software capabilities to strengthen diagnostic functions, thereby guaranteeing excellent performance in all conditions. Login provides additional facilities including remote control and multi-compressor management.


  • Exclusive Design
  • Remote Control
  • Memory Card Slot
  • Multimedia Display
  • Multilanguage Management
  • Designed for Industry 4.0
 ETMII Advanced electronic controllers
Installed on models from 4 to 15 kW.
  • Four maintenance timers
  • (air cartridge, oil, oil filter, oil separator).
  • Automatic re-start after power failure.
  • Cooling fan temperature settable.
  • Compressor remote start settable.
  • Integrated sequence phase relay.
ETIV  Advanced electronic controller
Installed on models from 18.5 to 75 kW.
Controller with multi-function backlight LCD graphic display, the menu is drop down type.
In the main screen are displayed:
  • Working pressure (offload/load);
  • Oil temperature;
  • Compressor status (stand-by, offload, load); - Fan status (off/on);
  • Date and time;
  • Hours remaining before maintenance;
  • Inverter use percentage.
EasyX4 sequencer

Many compressed air stations include several compressors: EasyX4 is a weekly programmable sequencer, capable of configuring up to 4 compressors, based on the amount of air actually required. EasyX4 is the easiest solution for compressor sequencing and supervision over complex systems of compressors, up to 4 units: fixed or variable speed. The programming is intuitive. It is sufficient to set the 4 pressure ranges (if 4 is the number of connected units) and later define at what time the entire compressor station shall start and stop, assigning at which pressure each compressor must work.

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