Energy audits and data logging

Energy audits and data logging

Compressed air is an invaluable power source for all sectors of industry, however it can be expensive and usually accounts for 12-15% of the total energy consumption for the plant. It therefore makes a great deal of business sense to understand your system and more specifically how to plug in to more efficient methods of production and the elimination of wasted energy due to inefficient operation and leaks etc.

The best way to determine the potential for saving energy from your compressed air system is to carry out an energy audit which involves the use of a data logger. The data logger is usually installed on site for a 7/8 day period and during this time fully monitors the system measuring the amount of air delivered, the amount of energy consumed and the network pressure during operation. This information is invaluable when considering new equipment or when looking to save energy by focusing on controls or maintenance (leaks) issues.


A comprehensive set of data and report is supplied following the exercise along with recommendations. Our data logging equipment is state of the art and totally reliable and provides very accurate analysis of your system. For more information on data logging or to request a data logging/audit please contact us

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