EasyX4 sequencer

Many compressed air stations include several compressors: EasyX4 is a weekly programmable sequencer, capable of configuring up to 4 compressors, based on the amount of air actually required.

EasyX4 is the easiest solution for compressor sequencing and supervision over complex systems of compressors, up to 4 units: fixed or variable speed.

The programming is intuitive. It is sufficient to set the 4 pressure ranges (if 4 is the number of connected units) and later define at what time the entire compressor station shall start and stop, assigning at which pressure each compressor must work.

Three programming levels:/
  • MANUAL: compressors are fixed to a given operational pressure range;
  • AUTOMATIC: with pressure range swapping after a programmable time interval;
  • GROUP PROGRAMMING: where compressors can be switched within groups
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