NEW CUBE 4kW - 7.5kW Screw Compressor

The CUBE range has always been a benchmark in the industrial compressed air sector. As a result of the gearless coaxial drive system, all the power of the electric motor is transferred to the air-end without losing efficiency and ensuring top operating
reliability. The CUBE compressors are designed to run continuously under the most severe conditions of use, with special attention to energy consumption, quiet operation, reduced operating and maintenance costs, and ease of installation
and use.

The “ES” version has the refrigerated dryer entirely enclosed in the cab while maintaining the same shape and dimensions of the machine. It is immediately ready for operation, without any additional installation costs. The dryer ensures the production of dried air, which is essential for preserving the systems and the quality of the end product. It enables excellent performance, even in unfavourable environmental conditions and high inlet temperatures.

Simplified maintenance Routine maintenance parts are easily accessible and simple to replace, ensuring long service intervals and keeping maintenance costs low.

NEW CUBE - Floor Mounted
NEW CUBE - Floor Mounted
SCODEPRODUCTkWHpL/minc.f.mBarPsidB(A)Outlet G (")  
F-V51PD92FNM443NEW CUBE 410 Floor Mounted45.546016.210145631/2" MORE
F-V51PE92FNM443NEW CUBE 5.510 Floor Mounted5.57.570524.910145681/2" MORE
F-V51PO92FNM443NEW CUBE 7.510 Floor Mounted7.510105037.110145671/2" MORE
NEW CUBE Floor Mounted With Dryer
NEW CUBE Floor Mounted With Dryer
SCODEPRODUCTkWHpL/minc.f.mBarPsidB(A)Outlet G (")  
F-V51PO92FNM743NEW CUBE 7.510 Floor Mounted With Dryer7.510105037.110145671/2" MORE
NEW CUBE Receiver Mounted
NEW CUBE Receiver Mounted
SCODEPRODUCTkWHpL/minc.f.mBarPsidB(A)Outlet G (")  
F-V91PD92FNM201NEW CUBE 410-27045.546016.210145631/2" MORE
F-V91PD92FNM401NEW CUBE 410-270 Z Galvanised Receiver45.546016.210145631/2" MORE
F-V91PE92FNM201NEW CUBE 5.510-2705.57.570524.910145681/2" MORE
F-V91PE92FNM401NEW CUBE 5.510-270 Z Galvanised Receiver5.57.570524.910145681/2" MORE
F-V91PO92FNM201NEW CUBE 7.510-2707.510105037.110145671/2" MORE
F-V91PO92FNM401NEW CUBE 7.510-270 Z Galvanised Receiver7.510105037.110145671/2" MORE
F-V83PO92FNM401NEW CUBE 7.510-5007.510105037.110145671/2" MORE
NEW CUBE Receiver Mounted & Dryer
NEW CUBE Receiver Mounted & Dryer
SCODEPRODUCTkWHpL/minc.f.mBarPsidB(A)Outlet G (")  
F-V91PE92FNM301NEW CUBE 5.510-270 ES5.57.570524.910145681/2" MORE
F-V91PE92FNM501NEW CUBE 5.510-270 ES Z Galvanised Receiver 5.57.570524.910145681/2" MORE
F-V91PO92FNM301NEW CUBE 7.510-270 ES7.510105037.110145671/2" MORE
F-V91PO92FNM501NEW CUBE 7.510-270 ES Z Galvanised Receiver7.510105037.110145671/2" MORE
F-V83PO92FNM501NEW CUBE 7.510-500 ES7.510105037.110145671/2" MORE
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