CHINOOK Piston Compressor Pumps

These pumps are used on a number of Brands in the uk, like MAGNUM, DARI, SHAMAL, etc.

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CHINOOK, Shamal,  Belt-Driven Pump
CHINOOK, Shamal, Belt-Driven Pump
Service Kits Are Available for Each Model (See Individual Pump).

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The CHINOOK Pumps have been commonly used on the Shamal Compressors worldwide, in UK they were used on the MAGNUM compressors, and several other brands. Service kits and spares are available from us.
SCODEPRODUCTkWHpL/minc.f.mBarPsirpmN. Cylinders  
S-SA0000AK3 Belt-Driven Pump0.7511284.52811614501 MORE
S-SC0000AK11 Belt-Driven Pump 1.522609.2811611802 MORE
S-SC00000K11C Belt-Driven Pump 2.2333211.7811615002 MORE
S-SD0000BK17C Belt-Driven Pump 3446516.31014514502 MORE
S-SE0000BK18C Belt-Driven Pump 34539191014514002 MORE
S-SG0000AK25 Belt-Driven Pump445.552018.41116012602 MORE
S-SH0000AK28 Belt-Driven Pump 45.566223.41116012902 MORE
S-SL0000AK30 Belt-Driven Pump 5.57.5872311116011502 MORE
S-SM0000AK50 Belt-Driven Pump7.510124043.81116011502 MORE
S-SN0000AK60 Belt-Driven Pump1115174561.51116011904 MORE
S-SP0000AK100 Belt-Driven Pump1520214875.861116010004 MORE
CHINOOK Service Kit
CHINOOK Service Kit
Service Kits Are Available for Each Model (See Individual Pump).

To View The Breakdown Diagrams Click Here
S-$32551050Service Kit for CHINOOK K3 MORE
S-PK-K11Service Kit for CHINOOK K11/K11C MORE
S-PK-K17Service Kit for CHINOOK K17/K17C MORE
S-PK-K12Service Kit for CHINOOK K12 MORE
S-PK-K18Service Kit for CHINOOK K18/K18C MORE
S-$32550300Service Kit for CHINOOK K25 MORE
S-$32550320Service Kit for CHINOOK K28 MORE
S-PK-K30Service Kit for CHINOOK K30 MORE
S-$32550450Service Kit for CHINOOK K50 MORE
S-$32550500Service Kit for CHINOOK K60 MORE
S-$32550600Service Kit for CHINOOK K100 MORE
CHINOOK Valve Plate
S-SC40100Valve Plate for CHINOOK K11/K11C Pump MORE
S-9434A10Valve Plate for CHINOOK K17/K17C Pump MORE
CHINOOK Gasket Set
CHINOOK Gasket Set
S-$32540500Gasket Set for CHINOOK K3 Pump MORE
S-9434F09Complete Gasket Kit K8 MORE
S-9434F10Complete Gasket Set K11/K11C MORE
S-9434F11Complete Gasket Set K17/K17C MORE
S-9434F12Complete Gasket Set BK5/ K16/K18/K18C MORE
S-9434F13Complete Gasket Set K25 MORE
S-9434F14Complete Gasket Kit K28 MORE
S-9434F02Complete Gasket Kit MK113 MORE
S-9434F16Complete Gasket Kit K50 MORE
S-9434F17Complete Gasket Kit K60 MORE
S-9434F18Complete Gasket Kit K100 MORE
S-SD50400Head Gasket for CHINOOK K17/K17C Pump MORE
S-$30501110Bottom Gasket for CHINOOK K17/K17C Pump MORE
CHINOOK Valve Strips
CHINOOK Valve Strips
SCODEPRODUCTProduct L x W (mm)  
S-$94X0372Valve Strip for CHINOOK K3 MORE
S-$32541200Valve Strip for CHINOOK K8 MORE
S-$32542200Valve Strip for CHINOOK K11/K11C & K17/K17C41 x 10 MORE
S-$32544200Valve Strip for CHINOOK K18/K18C MORE
S-$32545200Valve Strip for CHINOOK K22, K24, K25 & K28 MORE
S-$32546200Valve Strip for CHINOOK K30 MORE
S-$32547200Valve Strip for CHINOOK K50 & K60 MORE
S-$32549700Valve Strip for CHINOOK K100 MORE
S-$32703560Valve Strip Single57 x 12 MORE
CHINOOK Piston Ring Set
CHINOOK Piston Ring Set
S-9434C10K3 - Piston Ring With Gaskets Kit for CHINOOK Pump MORE
S-9434C12K11/K11C - Piston Rings With Gaskets Kit for CHINOOK Pump MORE
S-$32543100Piston Ring Set HP+LP - K8 & K17/K17C (28-29-30) for CHINOOK Pump MORE
S-$32500620Piston Ring Set HP+LP - SBK5, K16 & K18C for CHINOOK Pump MORE
S-$32545100Piston Ring Set HP+LP - K22/K25 (357-358-359) for CHINOOK Pump MORE
S-$32546100Piston Ring Set HP+LP - K30 (216-217-218) for CHINOOK Pump MORE
S-$32546120Piston Ring Set HP - K30 (339-220-221) for CHINOOK Pump MORE
S-$32547100Piston Ring Set HP+LP - K50 (400-398-396-399) for CHINOOK Pump MORE
S-$32547110Piston Ring Set LP - K50 (400-398-396) for CHINOOK Pump MORE
S-$32547120Piston Ring Set HP - K50 (399-397-395) for CHINOOK Pump MORE
S-$32548100Piston Ring Set HP+LP - K60 (216-217-218-339) for CHINOOK Pump MORE
S-$32549600Piston Ring Set HP+LP - K100 (400-398-396-397) for CHINOOK Pump MORE
CHINOOK Air Filter
S-$35600430Air Filter K8-K24 MORE
S-9421509Complete Air Filter K11/K11C MORE
Power System Fini Nuair

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