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CHINOOK Belt-Driven Pump
CHINOOK Belt-Driven Pump
Service Kits Are Available for Each Model (See Individual Pump).

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SCODEPRODUCTkWHpL/minc.f.mBarPsirpmN. Cylinders  
S-SA00000K3 Belt-Driven Pump0.7511284.52811614501 MORE
S-SC0000AK11 Belt-Driven Pump 1.522609.2811611802 MORE
S-SC00000K11C Belt-Driven Pump 2.2333211.7811615002 MORE
S-SD0000BK17C Belt-Driven Pump 3446516.31014514502 MORE
S-SE0000BK18C Belt-Driven Pump 45.5539191014514002 MORE
S-SG0000AK25 Belt-Driven Pump3452018.41116012602 MORE
S-SH0000AK28 Belt-Driven Pump 45.566223.41116012902 MORE
S-SL0000AK30 Belt-Driven Pump 5.57.5872311116011502 MORE
S-SM0000AK50 Belt-Driven Pump7.510124043.81116011502 MORE
S-SN0000AK60 Belt-Driven Pump1115174561.51116011904 MORE
S-SP0000AK100 Belt-Driven Pump1520214875.861116010004 MORE
CHINOOK Service Kit
CHINOOK Service Kit
Service Kits Are Available for Each Model (See Individual Pump).

To View The Breakdown Diagrams Click Here
S-$32551050Service Kit for CHINOOK K3        MORE
S-PK-K11Service Kit for CHINOOK K11/K11C        MORE
S-$32550200Service Kit for CHINOOK K17/K17C        MORE
S-PK-K12Service Kit for CHINOOK K12       MORE
S-PK-K18Service Kit for CHINOOK K18/K18C       MORE
S-$32550300Service Kit for CHINOOK K25       MORE
S-$32550320Service Kit for CHINOOK K28       MORE
S-PK-K30Service Kit for CHINOOK K30       MORE
S-$32550450Service Kit for CHINOOK K50       MORE
S-$32550500Service Kit for CHINOOK K60       MORE
S-$32550600Service Kit for CHINOOK K100       MORE
CHINOOK Valve Plate
S-SC40100Valve Plate for CHINOOK K11/K11C Pump       MORE
S-9434A10Valve Plate for CHINOOK K17/K17C Pump        MORE
CHINOOK Gasket Set
CHINOOK Gasket Set
S-$32540500Gasket Set for CHINOOK K3 Pump       MORE
S-9434F09Complete Gasket Kit K8       MORE
S-9434F10Complete Gasket Set K11/K11C        MORE
S-9434F11Complete Gasket Set K17/K17C       MORE
S-9434F12Complete Gasket Set BK5/ K16/K18/K18C       MORE
S-9434F13Complete Gasket Set K25       MORE
S-9434F14Complete Gasket Kit K28        MORE
S-9434F02Complete Gasket Kit MK113       MORE
S-9434F16Complete Gasket Kit K50       MORE
S-9434F17Complete Gasket Kit K60       MORE
S-9434F18Complete Gasket Kit K100        MORE
S-SD50400Head Gasket for CHINOOK K17/K17C Pump        MORE
S-$30501110Bottom Gasket for CHINOOK K17/K17C Pump        MORE
CHINOOK Valve Strips
CHINOOK Valve Strips
SCODEPRODUCTProduct L x W (mm)  
S-$94X0372Valve Strip for CHINOOK K3       MORE
S-$32541200Valve Strip for CHINOOK K8       MORE
S-$32542200Valve Strip for CHINOOK K11/K11C & K17/K17C41 x 10       MORE
S-$32544200Valve Strip for CHINOOK K18/K18C       MORE
S-$32545200Valve Strip for CHINOOK K22, K24, K25 & K28       MORE
S-$32546200Valve Strip for CHINOOK K30       MORE
S-$32547200Valve Strip for CHINOOK K50 & K60       MORE
S-$32549700Valve Strip for CHINOOK K100       MORE
S-$32703560Valve Strip Single57 x 12       MORE
CHINOOK Piston Ring Set
CHINOOK Piston Ring Set
S-9434C10K3 - Piston Ring With Gaskets Kit for CHINOOK Pump       MORE
S-9434C12K11/K11C - Piston Rings With Gaskets Kit for CHINOOK Pump        MORE
S-$32543100Piston Ring Set HP+LP - K8 & K17/K17C (28-29-30) for CHINOOK Pump       MORE
S-$32500620Piston Ring Set HP+LP - SBK5, K16 & K18C for CHINOOK Pump       MORE
S-$32545100Piston Ring Set HP+LP - K22/K25 (357-358-359) for CHINOOK Pump       MORE
S-$32546100Piston Ring Set HP+LP - K30 (216-217-218) for CHINOOK Pump       MORE
S-$32546120Piston Ring Set HP - K30 (339-220-221) for CHINOOK Pump        MORE
S-$32547100Piston Ring Set HP+LP - K50 (400-398-396-399) for CHINOOK Pump        MORE
S-$32547110Piston Ring Set LP - K50 (400-398-396) for CHINOOK Pump       MORE
S-$32547120Piston Ring Set HP - K50 (399-397-395) for CHINOOK Pump       MORE
S-$32548100Piston Ring Set HP+LP - K60 (216-217-218-339) for CHINOOK Pump       MORE
S-$32549600Piston Ring Set HP+LP - K100 (400-398-396-397) for CHINOOK Pump       MORE
CHINOOK Air Filter
S-$35600430Air Filter K8-K24        MORE
S-SC81000Complete Air Filter K11/K11C       MORE

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