FINI-Air Lab Oil Free Compressors

FINI-Air Lab Oil Free Compressors

The oil-free compressors with internally coated air receiver, ideal for dental technicians and laboratories.

Available in standard or low-noise versions, as well as oil-free or oil-lubricated versions, the lubricated versions are particularly suitable when the quality of the air supplied is not determinant as it is used to supply compressed air not connected to the treatment of the patient for instance. The Dr Genius is a silenced portable unit ideal for mobile applications. The characteristics of this range are: simple controls and use, quiet operation and compact attractive styling. Range 0.55kW to 2.2kW, 55 L/min to 235 L/min.

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Air-Lab - Single Phase, Oiless Compressors
Air-Lab - Single Phase, Oiless Compressors
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