Adsorption Dryers

Adsorption Dryers

The mini PLC is very user-friendly and shows the working action simultaneously. It is possible to get an alarm signal or remote control thanks to an easy access plug below the dryer.

DD Desiccant Dryer
DD Desiccant Dryer

The high quality of the activated alumina acheive consistent dew point. The DD desiccant dryers are less than half the weight and size of a traditional twin tower design.

DD desiccant dryers can be mounted to the wall by the help of the mounting brackets to win more space and also can be applied to the ground very easily.

SCODEPRODUCTVoltL/minc.f.mBarPsiOutlet G (")Product L x W x H (mm)Kg  
F-8193850DD08115-240833162321/2"320 x 310 x 56015 MORE
F-8193851DD17115-2401675162321/2"320 x 310 x 64017 MORE
F-8193852DD30115-24033310162321/2"320 x 310 x 91023 MORE
F-8193853DD42115-24041715162321/2"320 x 370 x 80025 MORE
F-8193854DD58115-24058320162321/2"320 x 370 x 110035 MORE
F-8193855DD70115-24075025162321/2"320 x 370 x 125041 MORE
F-8193856DD83115-24083330162321/2"320 x 370 x 150046 MORE
F-8193857DD116115-240116740162321 1/2"430 x 430 x 125071 MORE
D-MMD-50MMD-50 - Desiccant Dryers115-240141750162321 1/2"430 x 430 x 140078 MORE
F-8193859DD170115-240166759162321 1/2"430 x 430 x 175092 MORE
F-8193860DD216115-240216775162321 1/2"570 x 430 x 1300117 MORE
F-8193861DD285115-2402833100162321 1/2"570 x 430 x 1450130 MORE
F-8193862DD340115-2403333118162321 1/2"570 x 430 x 1750152 MORE
F-8193863DD500115-2405000180162321 1/2"710 x 430 x 1500185 MORE
F-8193864DD680115-2406667240162321 1/2"850 x 430 x 1500235 MORE
Modular Adsorption Air Dryers
Modular Adsorption Air Dryers

The light weight modular design desiccant dryer series brings a new concept in compressed air technology, offering total installation flexibility to meet specific needs. Mikropor’s Modular Desiccant Dryers are less than half the weight and size of a traditional twin tower design, allowing even the largest models to be easily moved through a standard doorway. Mikropor’s innovative Modular Air Dryers make it easier and more affordable than ever to deliver high-quality compressed air for virtually herever it’s needed. Mikropor Modular Desiccant Dryers have cosmetic beauty and can be located in clean, pleasant environments eyesore. Offered in sizes from 5 m³/h to 400 m³/h with dew point of -40°C to -70°C (optional) these dryers are equipped with everything you need, requiring only air inlet/outlet connections. Using a highly engineered inlet and purge manifold design, Mikropor proudly offers one of the lowest pressure drop desiccant dryer in the industry.

SCODEPRODUCTVoltL/minc.f.mBarOutlet G (")Product L x W x H (mm)KgBy-Pass Code  
D-MMD3MMD3 - Adsorption Dryers115-240833161/2"336 x 320 x 55817- MORE
D-MMD5MMD5 - Adsorption Dryers115-2401675161/2"320 x 320 x 66319- MORE
D-MMD10MMD10 - Adsorption Dryers115-24033310161/2"320 x 320 x 90827- MORE
D-MMD15MMD15 - Adsorption Dryers115-24041715161/2"350 x 370 x 80831- MORE
D-MMD20MMD20 - Adsorption Dryers115-24058320161/2"350 x 370 x 110842- MORE
D-MMD25MMD25 - Adsorption Dryers115-24075025161/2"350 x 370 x 125848- MORE
D-MMD30MMD30 - Adsorption Dryers115-24083330161/2"350 x 370 x 150854- MORE
D-MMD40MMD40 - Adsorption Dryers115-240116640161 1/2"495 x 410 x 125071- MORE
D-MMD50MMD50 - Adsorption Dryers115-240141650161 1/2"495 x 410 x 140078- MORE
D-MMD60MMD60 - Adsorption Dryers115-240166660161 1/2"495 x 410 x 175092- MORE
D-MMD75MMD75 - Adsorption Dryers115-240216675161 1/2"622 x 430 x 1300120- MORE
D-MMD100MMD100 - Adsorption Dryers115-2402833100161 1/2"622 x 430 x 1450133- MORE
D-MMD120MMD120 - Adsorption Dryers115-2403333120161 1/2"622 x 430 x 1750152- MORE
D-MMD180MMD180 - Adsorption Dryers115-2405000180161 1/2"734 x 410 x 1499186- MORE
D-MMD240MMD240 - Adsorption Dryers115-2406666240161 1/2"889 x 410 x 1497235- MORE
Omega Adsorption Dryer
Omega Adsorption Dryer

A-DRY adsorption dryers have been designed for continuous separation of water vapour from compressed air thus reducing dew point. Operation of the dryer requires two columns operated alternately. Adsorption takes place under pressure in the first column
while the second column regenerates with a portion of already dried compressed air at ambient pressure. Dryers consists from upper and lower control block, controller with LED display and two columns filled with desiccant. Springs in the columns make sure that the desiccant beads will not move during operation. Proven robust design enables efficient and reliable operation, fast installation and simple maintenance.

SCODEPRODUCTL/minc.f.mBarOutlet G (")Product L x W x H (mm)KgPSIMotor Volt  
OM-A-DRY06A-DRY06 Adsorption Dryer11344-163/8130 x 480 x 52010.558-232230V 50/60 Hz MORE
OM-A-DRY12A-DRY12 Adsorption Dryer19874-163/8130 x 480 x 71513.558-233230V 50/60 Hz MORE
OM-A-DRY24A-DRY24 Adsorption Dryer396144-163/8130 x 480 x 11051958-234230V 50/60 Hz MORE
OM-A-DRY36A-DRY36 Adsorption Dryer556204-163/8130 x 480 x 150027.558-236230V 50/60 Hz MORE
OM-A-DRY60A-DRY60 Adsorption Dryer1019364-163/4170 x 570 x 11054558-238230V 50/60 Hz MORE
OM-A-DRY75A-DRY75 Adsorption Dryer1217434-163/4170 x 570 x 13005358-239230V 50/60 Hz MORE
OM-A-DRY105A-DRY105 Adsorption Dryer1840654-163/4170 x 570 x 17007058-241230V 50/60 Hz MORE
OM-A-DRY150A-DRY150 Adsorption Dryer2548904-161240 x 726 x 1440170.558-243230V 50/60 Hz MORE
OM-A-DRY200A-DRY200 Adsorption Dryer33981204-161240 x 726 x 1655182.258-244230V 50/60 Hz MORE
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