Medical Sterile Filter

Medical Sterile Filter
Medical Sterile Filter
  • Intelligent, unique design for optimised performance.
  • Medical sterile elements are guaranteed for a minimum of 100 sterilisations at 120°C (248°F), each element must be autoclaved before commencement of duty.
  • Elements are 100% integrity tested.
  • Elements are constructed with stainless steel endcaps for compatibility with autoclave sterilisation. 100% integrity tested, each element is supplied with an Air Sterilisation certificate to guarantee the highest quality to our customers.
  • Tested and validated to international standards.
SCODEPRODUCTInlet & Outlet (BSPP)c.f.mL/minBarCondensate Drain (Included)KgProduct Size A x B x C x D (mm)  
NA-NMS0015Complete Sterile Filter 425 L/min 1/4"1542516MDV 250.550 x 18 x 152 x 60 MORE
NA-E0015MSElement Sterile Filter 425 L/min1/4"1542516--- MORE
NA-NMS0025Complete Sterile Filter 708 L/min1/4"2570816MDV 250.870 x 25 x 191 x 85 MORE
NA-E0025MSElement Sterile Filter 708 L/min1/4"2570816--- MORE
NA-NMS0035Complete Sterile Filter 991 L/min3/8"3599116MDV 250.550 x 18 x 152 x 60 MORE
NA-E0035MSElement Sterile Filter 991 L/min3/8"3599116--- MORE
NA-NMS0050Complete Sterile Filter 1416 L/min 1/2"50141616MDV 250.550 x 18 x 152 x 60 MORE
NA-E0050MSElement Sterile Filter 1416 L/min1/2"50141616--- MORE
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