0% Interest Free Lease

0% Interest Free Lease


0% Interest Free Lease

✓ Special low deposits have been secured.
✓ Low cost interest free rental over 24 months.
✓ Guaranteed ownership at the end of the lease period.
✓ Extremely tax efficient are as all premiums can be off-set against CT liability.
✓ Equipment is fully guaranteed during the entire term of the lease agreement.

What is a 0% Interest Free Lease?

  • A lease is a commercial funding facility so therefore cannot be offered to a private individual.
  • A lease facility allows a business to acquire high value equipment without having to part with the large capital outlay which can impact on the businesses cash flow.
  • The business agrees to make fixed monthly payments over the agreed fixed period of 24 months. VAT is charged each month at the prevailing rate and NOT paid upfront based on the capital amount.
  • As the leasing company is not lending money, an APR does not apply.
  • Payment to the supplier of the equipment is usually by Bank Transfer (BACS) within 7 working days after confirming that the equipment has been installed and operating to the customer’s complete satisfaction.
  • At the end of the lease period the equipment is transferred to the customer (secondary purchase payment) for a nominal payment which is agreed at the start of the lease.

Benefits to YOU

  • Assists Cash Flow Immediate use of the equipment without the large capital outlay. The working capital is retained for more profitable use within the business.

  • Low Cost Deposit Special low cost deposits have been secured.

  • Fixed Payments The monthly payments are fixed for the full duration of the lease yet the earning or saving potential is not. Monthly payments are guaranteed not to increase regardless of interest rates fluctuations which acts as a hedge against inflation.

  • Credit Line Leasing provides another credit line in addition to High Street banks.

  • Tax Relief All lease payments are fully eligible for tax allowances for the full duration of the lease. The repayments are treated as a trading expense and are therefore 100% tax deductible unlike most other forms of finance. The rate of tax allowance will depend on individual corporation tax figures.

Essential Information

  • All lease figures are subject to VAT and status
  • All lease transactions are subject to a documentation fee.
  • All lease transactions apply to the UK Mainland and Northern Ireland only.
  • Ownership of the equipment is transferred at the end of the lease period.
  • Terms & Conditions apply.
  • Subject to acceptance.

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Simply complete our standard enquiry form and request more information on Interest Free. If you have already chosen particular model ( compressor selector) please include this information also. A member of our Sales Team will contact you to establish the model that you require and provide a detailed illustration of the lease rental.

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