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We can offer the most competitive price on our supremely engineered air compressors and equipment. Please ask for details on stock clearance and re-manufactured air compressors and equipment that offer even greater saving’s and all provided with the manufacturer’s warranty. We have the largest stock holding of air compressors anywhere in the UK and one of the largest in Europe, we are able to deliver within 24 hours to suit the vast majority of customer requirement from small to large!


FPS Compressors - Shopping Cart



Leasing provides an efficient and flexible way for any business to enjoy the benefits of our latest energy saving technology. The specially tailored lease plan provides a tax efficient method in sourcing any size of air compressor(s) along with accessories and installation as required. The lease period can be set for between two and five years and you have complete freedom at the end of term:

  • Return the equipment with nothing left to pay
  • Continue to lease/rent the equipment at reduced terms
  • Upgrade to the latest equipment or change the size or type of equipment to that which is needed
  • Make a final further payment to own the equipment out right.


FPS Compressors - Shopping Cart



For short term projects, emergencies or in start ups or where the air demand may be unknown, we have an ideal solution. With a minimum term of just one week, we can rent the very latest equipment (less than one year old normally) for as long as you need. The rental price includes maintenance and service which is carried out by our own engineers. The rental agreement provides access to extra or replacement capacity and is available immediately and for any period, one week or more, furthermore the agreement may be ended with one week’s notice providing the latest highly reliable, industrial duty equipment for as long as you need with maximum flexibility!



Phone us on 01865-892620 to ask for alternative ways to finance your purchase

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